Letters and Submissions Policy

Here at “Across the Confederation” our belief is that our Confederate ancestors fought for the same beliefs and principles that our America’s Revolutionary War veterans did.

The American Revolution is most commonly known as “America’s War for Independence” fought to proclaim our God given rights, such as Freedom of Religion, Freedom of Speech and the Right to Keep and Bear Arms.

Once our Indepedence was established, these rights were quickly affirmed in the Bill of Rights of our Constitution.

Just as Americans fought to achieve these rights by throwing off the shackles of the British Empire, our Confederate ancestors sought to achieve Independence from an out of control Yankee Empire.

This brings us to the purpose of this blog. It is my belief that the blood of our ancestors was spilled to protect our way of life, including Freedom of Speech. Since this is the case, why are so many letters censored or discarded in our national magazine “The Confederate Veteran”?

I realize that as with any publication time and space constraints mean that all letters will be published, but it is my belief that too often politics and more specifically political correctness determines which letters will be printed.

Why? Are we not all dues paying members? Are we each not entitled to voice our opinion in our magazine?
Of course we are, and through this blog, “Across the Confederation” , everyone has a voice.
Letters will be published As Is there will be absolutely no censorship, based on opinion / politics or camp affiliation.

You MUST include your name (first and last) along with your camp name, number and location. That’s it. However; it is most important that you realize that you the writer assume all responsibility for your words and opinion.

Send all Letters to the Editor to:

Thank You ,
Sincerely, Clint E. Lacy
Editor, “Across the Confederation”



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