Hopkins intolerant of Traditional Values…

The following is a Letter to the Editor which appears in today’s Baltimore Sun newspaper. 

“The recent refusal of the John Hopkins University to host a Lee-Jackson Day program on campus has had the exact opposite effect that the university claims it intended. Instead of preventing offense, it has ripped open old wounds and created abundant offense (“A Civil action,” editorial, Nov. 21).

The root of the whole matter lies in intellectual dishonesty. Our universities claim to allow the expression of diverse viewpoints. Some universities even have former terrorists (William Ayers, for example) and prominent anti-Semites on staff.

This is often called “diversity.”

However, God forbid that a university might actually allow any positive expression of traditional American values.

If this line of thought is carried to its logical conclusion, in a generation or so, perhaps “Old Glory” will be hated and viewed as an emblem of oppression.

It is time that we become intellectually honest and stop the viewpoint discrimination that the John Hopkins University condones. Otherwise, our freedom will be lost, and despised.

Brandon DorseyLexington, Va.

The writer is a member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans.”


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