Sons of Confederate Veterans take part in Tombstone events

From the Sierra Vista Herald

TOMBSTONE — The Sons of Confederate Veterans once again participated in the Helldorado Days Parade in Tombstone.

The parade was held on Oct. 19 as part of three days of celebrating Tombstone’s history. All five camps of the Gadsden Brigade took part. A camp is the name of a local group of the Sons of the Confederate Veterans. Gadsden Brigade camps are located south of the Gila River.

The parade entry consisted of the Arizona Division Sons of the Confederate Veterans’ Mounted Color Guard, a horse-drawn surrey and a detachment of marching infantry and artillerymen.

Not only did the group participate in the parade festivities but took the opportunity to bestow a national award on a member.

Larry R. Bowman of the Confederate Secret Service Camp 1710 of Sierra Vista received the Sons of Confederate Veterans’ War Service Medal.

The Sons of Confederate Veterans honors its members who have served the nation in the armed forces by presenting them with the medal.

Bowman served in the U.S. Air Force from 1972 to 1995, achieving the rank of lieutenant colonel.


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