SCV dedicates memorial to Battle of Whitehall, CSS Neuse sailors

From the Saturday December 13th, 2008 Kingston.Com newspaper:

“LA GRANGE – An estimated 150 people gathered in Dan and Wendy Boyette’s front yard Saturday to dedicate a monument to local Confederate soldiers and sailors.

“I love you, for you are all my Christian brothers and sisters,” Dan Boyette said from his wide front porch as he spoke to the assembled representatives of various Sons of Confederate Veterans and United Daughters of the Confederacy chapters.

The memorial, made of granite taken from the floor supports of the nearly 200-year-old Richmond Theatre in Richmond, Va., had inscribed on it the names of 13 Southern soldiers killed during the December 1862 Battle of Whitehall and the crewmembers of the CSS Ram Neuse. That historic battle took place near – and the ship was built near – the Boyettes’ property

Many of those who attended wore period civilian and military clothing. A color guard dressed in military uniforms held the various Confederate States of America national flags, including the controversial Confederate Battle Flag that many Americans see as a symbol of racism because of its adoption by white supremacist groups.

Beyond honoring the local service members, the event was also geared toward telling the “truth” about the Confederacy and how the war was fought to maintain Southern independence.

“All you’ve got to do is read the documents that were out there and see we’ve been lied to in the history books,” said F. Lee Hart III, a member of the SCV’s Tom Smith Camp 1702 who traveled from Suffolk, Va., for Saturday’s ceremony.

Representatives of a number of North Carolina and Virginia SCV chapters, plus the national chapter, attended. The national organization has been traveling about the South to dedicate Confederate monuments erected on private property because anything pro-Confederate erected on public properties such as courthouses draws immediate community outrage.

“The government’s moving everything Confederate out of sight and out of mind,” Boyette said on Friday.

He and his wife donated the land for the monument to the national SCV.

A handful of African-Americans attended the dedication, including historian Earl L. Ijames of the N.C. Museum of History in Raleigh, and seven members of the Whitfield family – the Boyette’s next-door neighbors.

“What we want to tell is not just about the Confederate soldier, but about the people involved, the lives that were touched by this terrible war, whether it was the blacks, the whites, the Indians, the Jews, the Germans, the Irish, the Scots,” Boyette said. “It’s not just one section of people, it’s not just one race of people, it’s everybody.”

The seven men, all brothers, were invited by Boyette. He also invited Ijames. The historian was the keynote speaker for am SCV event in Monroe this summer, held to honor a black Confederate solider named Weary Clyburn.

Ijames has uncovered a number of “colored Confederates” through CSA pension records. He spoke Saturday about the history of slavery in North Carolina, and the role slaves played in the state’s naval stores-based economy.

The slaves were tasked with clearing the vast longleaf pine forests – to the point they almost disappeared – and distilling tar, turpentine and pitch from the trees.

Those substances were used to seal cracks in the wooden ships used during the “largest migration of humans in human history,” when millions of people moved from Europe and Africa to the Americas.

“Every single one of those ships had to be sealed with tar, turpentine and pitch, and it came from North Carolina,” Ijames said.

David Anderson can be reached at (252) 559-1077 or”

Very good coverage and a very good message regarding the history of Our Confederation. Of course, many mainstream reporters are incable of not adding {about our Confederate Battle Flag} that some see it as “racist” because some white supremacists groups have adopted it.  Nevermind the fact that most of those same groups fly the flag of the United States as well.

I also like the fact that this article reveals that the government is removing many symbols of our Confederate heritage, the SCV has a sound plan in erecting monuments and flags on private property.



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