Ceremony Honors Confederate Dead at Mars Hill

Billy Bearden(pictured above)…aka… “The Lone Flagger” of the Sons of Confederate Veterans Camp #673 of Haralson County, Georgia had a “Special to the Cleburne News” published in the paper’s November 20th edition. Great job Billy and the rest of Camp #673!-Editor

Earlier this month the Haralson Invincibles, Sons of Confederate Veterans Camp #673 of Haralson County, Georgia, joined with the families and friends of the Mars Hill Community of Cleburne County to pay honor and respect to their Confederate soldier ancestors buried in the Mars Hill Cemetery, with a Confederate Cemetery Service.

Mars Hill Cemetery is the resting place for 16 soldiers who fought in the War Between the States. Along with these soldiers, there are veterans from both World Wars and other conflicts.

According to history, Mars Hill Cemetery was started with the leg of Robert S. Hamrick. It was known as the Hamrick Cemetery for many years until neighbors, friends and members of Mars Hill Primitive Baptist Church and the community chose this as a resting place for their loved ones.

The service was officiated by Mark Thomas. Cmdr Curtis Hamrick commanded infantry, while Richard Boarts led Artillery. Each honored veteran had a Confederate uniformed SCV member fire a musket shot over the plot, and a woman dressed in period attire gently laid a single red rose on his grave. After each veteran was singly remembered, a 21 gun salute was volleyed, which was echoed by the Camp’s famous “Preacher” Cannon 3 times. A final single blast from the “Preacher” was dedicated to all the veterans who never made it home and to those who lie in unmarked graves.

It was special and touching, and a privilege to participate in a service honoring not only our oldest soldiers, but also honoring all soldiers buried there as will as honoring our men and women who are fighting in harms way today.

Thank you Mars Hill Community for allowing us to conduct this memorial service.


2 responses

  1. Thanks Clint!
    Ain’t no end to doin good!

    1. Thanks Billy!
      You’re right, there ain’t no end to doin’ good, so please spread the word around about this blog, it can be an important tool in sharing information and viewpoints between SCV members, without the censorship.


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