Sons of Confederate Veterans makes Tampa Bay’s “Top Ten”

Tampa Creative Loafing.Com has named its “Top Ten News Stories of 2008” and it should come as no surprise that the Confederate Flag erected near the intersection of Interstates 75 and 4 in Tampa made the list , coming in at #6.

Also no surprise is that Tampa Creative Loafing, gave the SCV unflattering coverage stating:

“Just when we thought our little part of Florida had moved beyond the divisive racial problems of the past, Tampa beekeeper Marion Lambert rubs the wound raw again by erecting a semi truck-sized Confederate flag at the intersection of I-4 and I-75.

In June, Lambert and the local Sons of Confederate Veterans chapter raised the flag as part of their memorial park honoring Confederate soldiers. In a matter of days, Lambert became the most divisive man in Hillsborough County, attracting the support of fellow Confederate flag devotees and the ire of the Hillsborough County Board of Commissioners, the local NAACP chapter and nearby businesses. For better or worse, Lambert’s 40-by-60-foot flag will influence how the rest of the state and nation view the Tampa Bay area, especially in January when the Super Bowl comes to town.”

Congratulations Mr. Lambert and the Tampa SCV camp that successfully made the nation and the liberal media, that Southern Pride and Confederate Heritage are not dead.

As for rubbing racial wounds raw, well, the liberal media and the NAACP did their best to use racism to demonize the honor of our Confederate ancestors.

The fact that the project was reported at all, means that this was a news story that the media was unable to bury, and the best part about it is all of the people who will see this beautiful, Christian, Southern, American flag, when the Super Bowl comes to town!


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