We’re the SCV, not the VFW

The following is a Letter to the Editor in response to:

“Fly the U.S. flag alongside the Confederate flag” which was published in the Jan /Feb 2009 issue of Confederate Veteran magazine…

“To the editor,

In reply to Mr. Young’s letter ‘ Fly the US Flag Alongside the Confederate Flag’, I strongly disagree with his views.
To state that “we dishonor our ancestors when we do not honor the United States Flag”, is misleading to say the least.
The reason that I and many others like me, fly only the Confederate Flag, is due to the fact that our government has waged a ‘cultural war’ upon us Southerner’s.
This is our way of fighting back.
Here, in Missouri, the government has torn down the Confederate Flags that flew over mass graves containing Confederate dead. The public has not been allowed a say in the matter. This is in spite of the fact, that polls have shown, an overwhelming majority of Missouri citizens want these flags returned to their rightful place of honor.
Mr. Young implies that Confederates were not Americans, when in fact, they were the real Americans! They were the ones that were fighting for the Constitution and the Founders vision for this land.
In closing, Mr. Young reflects Lincoln’s tyranny when he demands that Southerner’s fly the US Flag alongside the Confederate Flag. It’s none of his business what flag is flown on private property.
Mr. Young and his camp can do whatever they wish, however, don’t tell me what to do. What Mr. Young needs to remember, is that, appeasement accomplishes nothing.
In closing Mr. Young and those with his views need to remember one thing: we’re the SCV, not the VFW.
Glenn Lacy
John T. Coffee Camp
Advance MO”

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