War Child riding group holds rally for St. Jude

Larry Hammer Glueck is president of the WarChild Riding Group which is sponsoring the Rebel Yell Rally near Chaffee, Mo. (Fred Lynch)

Larry Glueck, president of War Child (Fred Lynch)

From the Southeast Missourian newspaper…


“CHAFFEE, Mo. — A winding gravel road to a farm tucked into the hills between Chaffee and Oran, Mo., will lead the way this weekend to raising money for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in Memphis, Tenn.

On Al Friga’s farm down Scott County Road 248, the fifth annual Rebel Yell Rally began Friday and will be held through Sunday. The WarChild Riding Group, a 130-member motorcycle organization based in Chaffee, hosts a party every year to raise donations for children’s cancer research and local veterans.

During the weekend rally, attendees camp, enjoy live music, shop from vendors and participate in bike events. Last year, with about 400 people in attendance, the WarChild group raised $6,100 to give to St. Jude. The money for donations comes from a $20 entrance fee to the rally, vendors who give portions of their proceeds and the sale of coloring books created and inspired by the group and a local artist and veteran, Aaron Horell.”

You can read the whole story by clicking on THIS LINK

I always love to see the Confederate flag used for positive causes! By the way, this would be an excellent event for the Sons of Confederate Veterans “Mechanized Cavalry” to attend, help St. Jude’s Children Hospital, and perhaps recruit some new members! – Webmaster



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