Photo by Zach Brake, Herald-Courier

Photo by Zach Brake, Herald-Courier

“The Sons of Confederate Veterans raised a confederate battle flag Saturday evening in Bristol, Tenn. The 25-by-15-foot banner was hoisted on a 70-foot pole on a hillside in clear view of Interstate 81 – to serve as a monument and memory to those who fought on behalf of the South.“You can’t get the real history from a text book,” said David Roberts, who organized Saturday’s event and spearheaded project to install the flag.

“The ones that won got to write the book,” Roberts said. “But we know it’s different and that’s what we’ve got to teach our children. God bless Dixie and may this flag ever

About 200 people gathered for the ceremony, semi-circled around the pole on top of a hillside several hundred above the interstate. A dozen or so men dressed as confederate soldiers and among them was a black man named H.K. Edgerton.

“The most discriminated against person in America is the Christian Southern white man,” said Edgerton, a member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans and a former president of the NAACP’s Asheville, N.C. branch.

Edgerton also said he enjoys “whipping Yankees.”

“This place should be full of black folks,” Edgerton said. “I don’t know why [I’m the only one here]. Maybe your newspaper should have told them to come to celebrate and sing Dixie and salute our flag. It’s a shame white folks and black folks make people think this is an evil flag. This is a southern flag. You can’t attack this flag and call yourself a southerner. You can call yourself a traitor.”

Edgerton delivered his comments with the conviction of a preacher, in an impromptu address to the crowd. His adoring fans reciprocated with hoots and thunderous applause.

The Sons of Confederate Veterans is an national organization dedicated to protecting the honor of their ancestors. All are great-great-somethings of a confederate soldier, and they look to the flag as a symbol of that fight”

You can read the whole story by clicking on THIS LINK

What a wonderful news story!  It certainly seems like the SCV has developed an effective strategy for honoring our ancestors. Purchasing private property in high traffic areas to fly our flag is just brilliant and at Bristol, Tennessee no less.  Best of all there is nothing that NASCAR can say about it!

While this story was reported fairly in the Herald-Courier,  it would be nice to see our ancestors honored without getting the NAACP’s “opinion” of it.

I particularly like how the NAACP representative said he wasn’t going to comment on the Bristol, TN flag, and then throws in a back-handed KKK  comparison just for good measure.

None of the NAACP local chapters returned calls to the paper (waiting for talking points from national I suppose).

It is also good to see our friend H.K. Edgerton in the mix again. I have listened to him speak before and he certainly does preach the gospel of Southern Heritage.

We need  a flag like this in Missouri! –Webmaster


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