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Coffee Camp calls on DNR to stop planned Union monument at Lexington 

The Missouri Sons of Union Veterans May newsletter “The Unionist”; states that the group plans to place a monument at the Battle of Lexington {Missouri} State Historic Site attentively set for September 26, 2009. 

According to the newsletter {which can be read by clicking on the following link:  } 

The Missouri SUV plans to fund this monument by selling reprints of the Henry Davis book entitled: “The Book of Chronicles of the City of Lexington and Fragments of the Book of Hadborim and Maazim”. 

In this work, Davis, a 19th century Northern newspaper man and editor of the Lexington Union refers to Missourians as “Pukites”.

 The Missouri Sons of Union Veterans May newsletter also states that the monument will be made of African stone.

The April 1910 Vol. 4 No.3 issue of the Missouri Historical Review states that Davis became proprietor of “The Lexington Union” and in 1866 changed its name to “The Caucasian” it is ironic given the fact that such a staunch Unionist would give a very supremacist name to his paper one short year after the war to “free the slaves” had ended. 

The Missouri Sons of Union Veterans sale of the book to fund this monument is an insult to all Missourians. Given the fact that Missouri’s Confederate veterans are no longer honored with the flag that they fought under, the monument should not be allowed.


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