Report from National SCV Reunion…


Just back from my first ever National SCV Reunion and what a grand time it was. The period dress was spectacular and in all the glory of the Confederacy our stars still shine and I might add, now with an extra twinkle. The food was excellent, very southern and well served by the white gloved staff of the elegant and historic Arlington Hotel, nestled in the Ouachita Mountains and surrounded by the beautiful Lakes Hamilton and Ouachita. 

The meetings were truly educational and examples of how teachings should have always been. Commander McMichael, Lt. Commander Givens, Staff and the James M Keller Camp # 648 of the SCV and  did a magnificent job coordinating the non stop programs, dinners, luncheons, breakfasts, plays and many gala events in furthering and celebrating the experience of the glorious days and of the cause for which our Confederacy fought the unjustified invasion of Dixie. 

A most wonderful reunion for the hearts and minds of all that attended, however, most of all for all the lives & souls that were so affected that died for the cause. You know that our ancestors were looking down with tears & pride and I’m sure they were moved to laughter & joy at much of what was going on in the Great State of Arkansas this past weekend. 

We Confederates did take the time to have some great fun with all that was offered up in Hot Springs and at the Arlington during our 114th National SCV Reunion and Convention. 

Thanks again to our great leaders past and present, The James M Keller SCV Camp # 648, The Arlington Hotel, Hot Springs, Arkansas, and the Men and Woman of the CSA and the SCV and the many compatriots that made it happen. 

I have messages for many of you as well as pictures to share when time allows. 

Paul Garrison

Colonel John T. Coffee Camp #1934

Osceola, Mo.


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  1. There will be free download pictures placed on the SCV National Reunion Site. No doubt all would like to see Jesse James and Belle Star engaged in the Virginia Reel!

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