Letter to the Editor…

I’m sick and tired of people that should be in the Sons of Union Veterans joining and being involved in the Sons of Confederate Veterans. 

I was just reading the bi monthly magazine that SCV members receive; called the Confederate Veteran. 

This 17 year old kid writes a letter to the editor. In the letter he makes a comment that seems to reflect the majority of SCV membership: 

To not fly the US flag alongside the Confederate Flag is not only an insult to our country, but also to the many sons of Confederate Veterans who have fought and died for it.” 

The pin head that wrote this is Mr. Seth Parks from the Ambrose Ransom Wright Camp in Evans GA. 

Mr. Parks seems to be well versed in the art of political correctness. He continues to puke his ignorance onto paper with the following statement: 

“Southerners have been fighting for America since the Revolution, and continue to fight for America. To not fly the flag that they served under is a disgrace. The SCV honors all the Sons of Confederate veterans, and thus has an obligation to fly the flags that they served under- whether it is the Stars and Stripes or the Stars and Bars.” 

I’m surprised that Mr. Parks was able to write this; I mean with his lips so firmly attached to Lincoln’s ass, I don’t know how he was able to pen a letter to the Confederate Veteran. 

Let me tell you something “Mr. Parks” you little maggot…………THE SCV IS ABOUT CONFEDERATE VETERANS! 

The SCV is not the VFW! Get through your head! The only flag that we need to fly is the Confederate Flag………..PERIOD 

It’s moron’s, like you, Parks that are the ‘disgrace’. You sell out our heritage and history by displaying a flag that has but one purpose……..TYRANNY 

The U.S. Flag is the symbol of the nation….including it’s government. A government that abuses it’s citizens and seeks to enslave them.  

A government that is hell bent on destroying Southerner’s, their symbols, their history and their way of life. In spite of all of this, you want to tell me that I have to fly the U.S. flag……….”Mr. Parks. 

You’re the insult…….you’re the disgrace; peddling your Yankee propaganda in the SCV! 

Glenn Lacy

Colonel John T. Coffee Camp #1934

Advance Missouri


2 responses

  1. Very good job Glenn I had the same feeling when I read it, but you make a better point.
    Col. John T. Coffee Camp. #1934

    1. I thought Glenn made some excellent points as well Harold. I don’t know why a descendant of a Confederate veteran would want to force somebody to fly a flag that they do not wish to fly. It goes against EVERYTHING that our Confederate ancestors fought for, States Rights, Liberty, Personal Freedom and Property Rights.

      Why do these Galvanized Yankees join the SCV in the first place?

      While I’m on the subject, I do not think that SUV members should be allowed to join the SCV, it is a conflict of interest and is certainly not in the best interest of the SCV.

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