From the October 6, 2009 ST. Louis Post-Dispatch website

For immediate release:


Commander Gary Ayres: 417-754-8397

Press Officer Clint E. Lacy: 573-450-0276

Skelton represents Kansas bureaucracy, not Missouri people


On September 26, 2009 the Missouri Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War dedicated a monument to the Federal troops of Colonel Mulligan’s Irish Brigade at the Battle of Lexington State Historic Site.

The monument contained historical inaccuracies and was funded through the sale of a book that referred to Missourians as “Puke-ites“. 

Among the dignitaries speaking at the dedication was Rep. Ike Skelton (Mo. 4 Dist.), who despite being informed of these facts attended the event regardless.

In doing so, Rep. Skelton has decided to embrace revisionism instead of facts and has insulted, not only those who reside in his district, but the entire State of Missouri as well.

Rep. Skelton is also an advocate of the Freedom’s Frontier National Heritage Area, (headquartered in Lawrence, KS), which leads one to ponder the true purpose of the organization and whether or not  Skelton is Representing the Missouri people or a bureaucracy whose sole purpose is to benefit the State of Kansas? 


2 responses

  1. Happy Holidays Clint:

    Thanks for sharing the letter, I’m sure every family
    bore the weight of a young soldier off to war like Mr. Booker Shorter and wife.

    Merry Christmas


    1. Merry Christmas Jerry and Thank You so much for sharing the letter!

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