Helter Skelton!

If anyone doubted the character of Congressman Ike Skelton (D) Mo-4th,  after his decision to speak at the September 26, 2009 Union monument dedication at Lexington, Mo ( with full knowledge that it was historically inaccurate and funded through the sale of a book that insults Missourians) all doubt was removed this week when Skelton uttered obscenities at a fellow Congressman on the House Floor.

Skelton , who was speaking about Hate Crimes legislation stated:

“I now yield three minutes to my friend, the Chairman on the Subcommittee on Strategic Forces…. So stick it up your ass.”

No longer content to insult fellow Missourians, rewrite the history of his home town and climb into bed {politically speaking} with Freedom’s Frontier National Heritage Area {a Lawrence, KS based government bureaucracy}, Skelton has now chosen to take his insults nationally. “Stick it up your ass, Congressman”?   That sounds like an excellent storage facility for you to put your bureaucrat  friends from Freedom’s Frontier National Heritage Area and your Union monument.



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