Coffee Camp author and historian David Reif has penned an excellent article about the state of the Democratic Party. A party that was once, pro-Jefferson and unapologetically Southern, has transformed itself into one that is almost exclusively Northern and Marxist. This is a must read for any freedom minded, self respecting Southerner-webmaster

The Obamacrats have changed the orientation of the Democrat Party from Jefferson and Jackson to the Chicago leftist establishment. More ominous is they have moved the geographic center of gravity of the Party from America to fin-de-siecle Russia with its decadent mixture of the occult and Bolshevism.

It is no secret that the current administration is an ideological stepchild of the Chicago Marxist labor movement that gave rise to the premier community organizer Saul Alinsky. We have spoken before about the theomachist proclivities of Mr. Alinsky and those who have come after him.
Mr. Alinsky penned a few notable lines not the least of which was his dedication to his most famous book Rules for Radicals in which he revealed his enthusiasm for Lucifer, i.e., Satan or the Devil. Referring to Lucifer as the “first revolutionary” Alinsky was of course signaling his intentions to a wide audience of the anti-Christian intelligentsia including the establishment surrounding the University of Chicago.

That is not news to anyone who has followed this Marxist philosopher. What is not so well known is that his comments were also a deferential reference to nouveau revolutionaries in pre-Soviet Russia. This period of intrigue and revolution is very sacred to the hard left elitists in the Democrat National Committee (DNC). The era was romanticized in the 1981 movie Reds starring Warren Beatty, Diane Keaton, and Jack Nicholson; a classic to socialists.

The elevation of the Devil to political icon is a relatively new contribution to the politics of Western civilization. Author Kristi Groberg has done some interesting research in this area and we can thank Marxist thinkers in “Silver Age” (1890-1915) Russia for this new development*. They reasoned that by allying themselves with the image of Satan they could co-opt the power of the Devil to advance their anti-Christian agenda while surrounding themselves with the mantle of rebellion against the Orthodox Church and the Czar. Casting themselves as the ultimate outsiders these socialists relished their iconoclastic image.

Satanist author and playwright Valery Briusov (1873-1924) and others were in the orbit of influential cultural impresario Georgy Chulkov; all friends of socialism. These activists advocated using their “art” as a weapon against the up-tight bourgeois sexual and religious establishment of pre-revolutionary Russia.

Impressed by Chulkov’s manipulation of symbols for political purposes propagandist writer Anatoly Lunacharsky promoted mythic image making and drew inspiration from Briusov. Seeing that powerful religious images could be used to promote “the Revolution” in the salons of the elites Lunacharsky initially welcomed Satanists and other practitioners of the Black Arts as allies to fight the enemies of the socialist state but would eventually betray them when they became too powerful. In the end proving that socialists are more unscrupulous than Devil worshippers.

Fifty years later in the writings of the Marxist labor movement of Chicago these themes resurfaced. Tampering with the underworld and allying oneself with the image of Lucifer is a dangerous proposition. Mr. Alinsky may have thought he was being a smart-ass when he penned his sophomoric remarks. Or maybe his motives were more sinister. Nonetheless, it is evident that he was using a very calculated historic reference when he dedicated his work to Satan.

I wonder if the Chicago left-wing establishment now in control of Washington knows what sort of baggage they have picked up: or do they even care?

David S Reif is an artist living in the Missouri Ozarks. He has written about modernism and the impact of materialism on culture for publications in the United States, Europe, and on the Internet. 

Check out Dave’s most excellent blog “Perennis” at:


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