Jewish Confederates…


In March 2007 Colonel John T. Coffee Camp #1934, Sons of Confederate Veterans Commander Gary Ayres had the honor of getting an article he had authored about Jewish Confederates published in ‘Jewish Magazine’ (which we have posted on our “Library” page at ).

Recently Mr. Ayres received an email from one of the editors at “Jewish Magazine” which stated that one reader had several objections to his article.

The “offended” , one Charles “Chuck” Hirshberg recently complained to Jewish Magazine that:

Dear “Jewish Magazine”:
Some three weeks ago, I wrote to you expressing my deep concern over an article of yours titled  “Jewish Confederates”. I believe that my email  (copied below) demonstrated beyond any reasonable doubt that the article is both historically ridiculous, and patently racist. At the very least, I would have expected to receive  an email in return acknowledging my communication. But I  have heard nothing at all from you, and the article is still  posted. 
May I please request the courtesy of a  reply?

Very truly yours, 
Charles Hirshberg

Cambridge, Massachusetts

Commander Ayer’s exercised great restraint and exhibited much professionalism in his reply to Mr. Hirshberg, which Jewish Magazine forwarded to him. Below is his response:

Dear Sir,
I am glad you read “Jewish Confederates”.  I have received many emails saying thank you for publishing this article.  Many from Israel, which I was pleasantly pleased and surprised.
I do my best not to go name calling.  I was raised this was against God’s law.
But to some sort of answer to you I am not a racist or bigot, but that is between me and God and the actions I have demonstrated here on earth.
If you will please research the “notes” at the end of my article I believe you will find sufficient information to confirm my research.  Yes there was much more but I just used those few notes for folks to look at.
You say that my article is “both historically ridiculous, and patently racist”.  I must disagree with you and the information for my findings (if you research deep enough) show in my favour. 
If you research not only  official records but private letters you should see the sentiments of the Southern people.
Please research the two-volume “Abraham Lincoln’s Complete Works” and study the Emancipation Proclamation before you say that my article was an “ignorant, racist article”.
But to bring to light two issues that show your error is that the Union did not pay the black soldiers the same as the white soldiers.  Others were in the same situation but mostly the blacks.  The Confederates paid the blacks the same pay as the whites.  In fact they paid everyone regardless of race or religious beliefs the same. 
The Confederate also mixed the races and religious beliefs into the same units.  This is something the Union failed to do also.
It was not until well into the 1900’s, namely WW ll that the US put blacks with whites as a whole.
Please read and understand and then go to the notes and do some research before you call someone names of negativism.
I want to thank the Jewish Magazine because many people have responded favourably.
Sir, this article was written from reliable research.  If you disagree that is fine but don’t blame me for bringing to light some history that has not been talked about.
Thank You,
Gary Ayres
I did a little research and this is what I have found out about Mr. Hirshberg , (according to

“Charles “Chuck” Hirshberg is an American journalist and sportswriter. He primarily writes for large-circulation magazines. His articles and columns have appeared in Time, Sports Illustrated, Life, the Los Angeles Times, the Washington Post, Men’s Health and other publications. As of 2002, he was an editor of Popular Science. His mother is the astrophysicist Joan Feynman and his late uncle is Richard Feynman, Nobel Prize winning Physicist.

He is the author of ESPN 25, a history of sports journalism on television. Hirshberg co-authored Will you miss me when I’m gone?:the Carter Family and their legacy in American music along with Mark Zwonitzer. Recently, he penned an article promoting circumcision entitled Should all males be circumcised?[1] for Men’s Health which was later picked up by MSNBC.[2]”

It seems to this webmaster that Mr. Hirshberg is most famous for writing an article about whether or not men should be circumcised. My advice to him is that it is good to know your subject matter, but bad to act like it. Mr. Hirshberg will probably  be most happy to learn that as of the time of this posting, Jewish Magazine still has Mr. Ayres’ article up on their website.


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