Grave Desecration at Small Pox Island?

Just received this email from a reader named David who states:

“Noticed that the army corp of engineers is doing some demolition work around the Small Pox Island grave sites. They have a big framed in tent enclosure wrapped around the demo structure of the old dam site across the river from Alton, Ill. I presume it’s got something to do with the small pox contaminated bones that may resurface during removal! I’ve heard that during the initial dam construction during the 1930’s 3 workers died of small pox, serves em right for desecrating the graves of Southern American Veterans I suppose. Just thought someone of your demeanor should be informed of this possible ongoing grave desecration! From what I  know of you, you seem to be a man with determination!”

If anyone can give us some information about what is going on at this site please leave a message in the comment section.- webmaster.


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