From England: Apologies are in Order…


Mr. Pierluigi Rossi of Scarborough-Yorks England writes:

On Behalf of our camp 2161 Capt.John Low, and of our soccer team THE REBELS, competing in the local 10 years old junior champioship, apologies are due from the MO state assembly for the wanton murder of Mollie, Janie & Josephine Anderson,the former 16 and the latter 10 years old,and Susan Vandiver,Armenie Whitsett Gilvey,Christie Mc Corkle Kerr, in August 1863 by the provoked crash of the building at 1409 Grand Ave. in Kansas City MO.Crash provocked by MO state militia.

Since the escalation of the political Correct epidemic with the tended apologies of the assembly of Va and Alabama for the commercial price of slavery, we also feel that apologies for the above crimes are overdue.

Please relay in your blog,also because your camp is located in MO and could easily address the MO state assembly.

Peter Rossi SCV camp 2161 Capt. John Low in Scarborough – Yorks- England

Merry Christmas to all your members and since Mr Hussein B.Obama got the Nobel peaceprice the least you can expect should be a very peaceful new year. 

Mr. Rossi,

Thank You for your correspondence. You are absolutely right, apologies are in order (at the very least), however; it was not the Missouri Militia that undermined the Kansas City structure that killed and maimed the young girls, it was members of the Kansas Militia  acting under the authority of the Federal government.  Perhaps we should demand the Feds’ apologize and own up to THEIR  attrocities and war crimes committed in Missouri.-webmaster.


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