Wilson Massacre

Hello again, first let me say it is my pleasure to be updating the Coffee Camp blog again, of course, this blog is to serve not only the camp, but the entire “Confederation”.  It’s been a long hard year for me, but I am finally feeling “recharged” and am once again updating the Across our Confederation blog. For Coffee Camp members and supporters, the website will be updated in the coming weeks. Thank You for all of the support I have received from my fellow compatriots in the meantime, I have just discovered that you can read my article about the Wilson Massacre (which was published in the 2007 Barnes Review Magazine online) The editors over at The Barnes Review did a superb job in helping tell the story of a particularly horrific attrocity which ocurred in the Southeast Missouri Ozarks on Christmas Day, 1863. Enjoy! (The article is in PDF format so just click on the Table of Contents icon on the left hand side, and the pages will drop down, the article begins on page 10.)


-Clint E. Lacy, Editor, Across our Confederation 


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