Confederate Flags and Rainbow Rags…

From the Columbia , SC  “Free Times”

The prominent Confederate flag on the State House grounds has some competition this week: For the first time in 20 years of gay pride parades through Columbia, the parade route along Gervais and Main Streets is lined with rainbow banners.
 And that has drawn the ire of the Palmetto Family Council, a right-wing cultural organization, which criticized the city in a news release on Aug. 31.

“The flag raised today is symbolic of the city’s ongoing and aggressive financial and institutional support of militant homosexual advocacy,” the group wrote.

In fact, the City of Columbia did not pay for or put up the banners: The organization SC Pride paid for the banners itself, and the City Center Partnership, Main Street’s business coalition, put them up.

The City of Columbia does fund SC Pride, though: Last year, the group received $7,500 in city hospitality tax funding, and this year it will receive $10,000 — the same amount as groups like Veterans of the Battle of the Bulge and Congaree Riverkeeper.

The pride parade and related events are good for downtown business, according to both Deirdre Mardon, executive director of the Vista Guild, and Matt Kennell, president and CEO of City Center Partnership.”

Oh… I get it. So the history and heritage of South Carolina , the South and the Confederacy (all of which have been proven to draw millions of dollars in tourism revenue from across this nation and dare I say, the world are all bad BUT the agenda of the “homosexual community” that drives families away from visiting cities like Columbia, SC, during these events are good for business?

Good luck with all of “that”.-webmaster


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    I am writing a book about one of his ancestors and need some information from him.
    Thanks for any help you can be.

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