Penn State’s message to Southerners: Shut up and take it.

Wow, who would have thought that I, your humble editor of Across our Confederation would earn the distinction of being called, “the blogospheric mouthpiece of the Sons of Confederate Veterans”? : But that’s just what Sean Traitor  oops I mean Trainor recently stated on the Penn State  A PEOPLES CONTEST BLOG.

What did I do to earn this distinction from Trainor ? I had the audacity to criticize “artist” John Sims inflamatory works in which he desecrates the Confederate flag in every imaginable way.

Trainor states: “Sims’s provocative work seems to have aroused the most profound anger. An African-American artist working in a variety of mediums, Sims’s work at Gettysburg focused on the Confederate flag as a symbol of hate. His best known piece, “How to Hang a Confederate Flag,” features the Star and Bars intertwined in a noose”

The Penn State A PEOPLES CONTEST BLOG bills itself as, “The Official Blog of the Richards Civil War Era Center”.

First of all, I am not the voice of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, I merely provide a forum for news and information for my fellow SCV members.

Second of all, the Richards Civil War Era Center obviously has a very poor screening process for who it allows to write for their blog.  Mr. Trainor might want to brush up on his history. The flag featured in John Sims “artwork” is not the Stars and Bars, it is the Confederate Battle Flag, (i.e. the St. Andrew’s Cross” ) the Stars and Bars was the First National Flag of the Confederacy.

Trainor also defends himself against my accusation of Gettysburg greed by stating, “Gettysburg College’s decision to display artist John Sims’s work on their campus, and the NPS’s decision to dispense with traditional military-historical interpretations of the battle and focus on the war’s political and social context and causes (i.e. slavery, emancipation, freedom, etc.). Taken together, these projects cost some $95 million dollars which Lacy views as a shameless expenditure of the Yankee Imperium (the money-grubbing Imperium, right?) to annihilate Southern ‘heritage’.”  As if none of this is our business.

My question for the thousands of descendants of Confederate Veterans in America and throughout the world is this; Should we really trust our history to people like Trainor who believe that $95 million dollars is not alot of money, and that the work of”artists like Sims is not  inflamatory?


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