Col. John T. Coffee Camp #1934: Making an impact

From the Sept. 19, 2010 edition of the Springfield News Leader:

Some Civil War monuments honor people who fought on both sides of that war.


One tall monument in the National Cemetery in Springfield was erected in memory of Gen. Nathaniel Lyon, the first Union general killed in the war. He died at the Battle of Wilson’s Creek.

The monument didn’t start out in the cemetery. It was originally erected on the square in Springfield, surrounded by a metal fence.

Residents complained that the monument made the square look like a cemetery and blocked traffic.

The monument was moved to the cemetery, and the fence continues to surround a local residence.

There are also newer monuments, some that show Confederate sympathies and resentments apparently continue to run deep in some areas.

In St. Clair County, two monuments — both were erected by the Sons of Confederate Veterans within the past seven years — speak to that bitterness.

One is “In memory of citizens of Osceola murdered by Kansas jayhawkers and the Union army.” The other honors Maj. Gen. Sterling Price of the Missouri State Guard, who recruited 12,000 men for the Confederate cause.

The Monument to Citizens of Osceola at the Osceola Cemetery in St. Clair County reads: "In memory of citizens of Osceola murdered by Kansas jayhawkers and the Union army."

From the Webmaster:

I am proud to say that both Confederate monuments mentioned in this article were erected by the Colonel John T. Coffee Camp #1934, Sons of Confederate Veterans.

At a time when the politicians from Washington, D.C. and Lawrence, KS are scrambling to rewrite history and threaten property rights (via the Freedom’s Frontier National Heritage Area) for the sake of an ever increasingly devalued dollar, the Confederate Monuments in Missouri are more important than ever in setting the record straight and preserving our heritage.


One response

  1. Speaking of the monument is St. Clair County.
    Our Camp has worked hard in the past 10 years to get the true history to folks. Not the PC standards that we see so much of.
    The monument on the bluff of the confluence of the Sac-Osage Rivr is a monument to the Men of Missouri that served Missouri and the Confederacy.
    The two monuments show what happened some 150 years ago. The same thing is happening now. Where will it end, by pen or gun.
    These monuments are visited by families. These monuments are vistied by people for all ove the world.
    So yes we have put the truth out, it cannot be disputed by anyone.
    The truth sometimes hurs but the the victors, wrights the history, and false history at best. Yes had the history been writted in a truthfull manner we would not have the division with people in the US.
    Gary Ayres
    Coffee Camp 1934
    Osceola, Missouri

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