The Progressives Smell Blood…

From Rush Limbaugh to Virginia Governor McDonnell an all out effort to ditch any affilliation with the South and its symbols is in full force.  If you ever wondered what is next, after they have culturally cleansed the Republican Party of all things Confederate, look no further. Mathew Yglesias paints a very clear and vivid picture on his blog. In short the Republicans are running and the progressives smell blood.  From Yglesias’s blog :

“it looks like Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell’s flubbing of the Confederate History Month issue early in his term is going to lead to some enduring good:

Virginia Gov. Robert F. McDonnell (R) announced Friday morning that he will declare April 2011 “Civil War in Virginia” month, rather than “Confederate History Month,” as he offered a humble apology for a proclamation this year that omitted reference to slavery’s role in the war.

Maybe we can do something about Jefferson David Highway right across the river from the DC, running conveniently alongside the Pentagon”

Jefferson Davis Highway is now in their sights and judging by the 68 comments on this blog post so are any and every other highway named for honorable Confederates.



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