New Mascot for Ole Miss

( Political Satire from D.S. Reif. Originally posted on his Perennis Blog on September 20, 2010)

“Oxford, MS-UPI After a long deliberative process Dr. Daniel W. Jones the 16th Chancellor of the University of Mississippi announced that a new mascot and logo has been chosen for the university to replace the controversial “Colonel Reb” mascot. In prepared remarks Dr. Jones said, “For some people this has been a painful process but not for me. Today I decided and the board agreed with me that I will get the mascot I have always wanted for Ole Miss. Our lawyers at the ACLU and my advisor Mr. Soros have assured me that I am on firm legal grounds and henceforth now rid of any references to the South, the global corporate money will flow in and myself, the board of trustees, the staff, and most of faculty can line their pockets with grant monies undreamed of in the past.” Dr. Jones was flanked by a heavily armed United Nations security guard and several attorneys. Behind him was a rank of political leaders from both parties wearing matching ski masks. ”


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