Letter to the Editor


This may be controversial to some amongst us but the time has come for the issue to come forward.

It is obvious after reading many memoirs and books (not of the PC persuasion) of our men of Missouri, Southern men, those members of the SCV and of the entire Country of Sons of the South, that many of you have spat upon what you have professed to believe.

When you, as a member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCV) or a Citizen with Southern heraldry stand in the way, prevents, personally or in cooperation with those against us in honouring our Confederate Ancestors and what they tried to accomplish to make a better world for us, really have no place amongst us that try so hard to live up to our obligation to our Confederate Ancestors.

I have said in the past that there is a place for all members in the SCV. I must come forward now and say that I was wrong with that belief. Only those members that truly believe in our Confederate Ancestors, those that do not stand in the way in honouring them, have earned the right to accept the honour of being a part of the Sons of Confederate Veterans or their beliefs.

When a project is presented to your community to honour one of these honourable men and you do not embrace it, you stand against it; you have again spat upon their graves. Why would you do this? The only thing it can be is for personal gain in your community. If this is what you are achieving, you may indeed gain for a time but in the end you will have failed. You will have failed your family–past, present and future, and most importantly you will have failed yourself.

We as Southerners must stand tall, fast and unflinching to bring the true history and beliefs of our Confederate Ancestors. If you cannot accomplish this small task, maybe you should look elsewhere to rest in the shade of our mighty Oaks.

Gary Ayres


Col. John T. Coffee Camp #1934

Osceola, Missouri


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