Governor McDonnell’s leftist alliance

From the Richmond Times-Dispatch:

Gov. Bob McDonnell has ordered a review of how the state selects public school textbooks after the discovery of material in some fourth-grade books that says thousands of blacks fought in the Confederate ranks.

“I was very disappointed to see that,” McDonnell said on Washington radio station WTOPyesterday morning.

The governor said the material is outside the historical mainstream and that “immediate corrective action” was taken to keep teachers from using that material.

“I don’t want to have any historical inaccuracies taught for any reason in our schools, and I want the process to be looked at,” he said.

He has directed Secretary of Education Gerard Robinson to find out how it happened. A panel of threeelementary school teachers reviewed the text and didn’t catch the passage, he said.

Under the state’s established process, review committees made up of teachers, content specialists and other educators review submitted materials against the Standards of Learning content, and consider the design and organization of the material. The committee’s findings are reported to the Virginia Department of Education, which makes a recommendation to the Virginia Board of Education on textbook adoption.

The Education Department isn’t sure how many schools in the state are using the text, but stickers are being sent to cover the incorrect portion of the book.

“I’m very disappointed that this error occurred,” McDonnell said. “We fixed that one right away, and now we’re looking at whether the process should be improved.”

The publisher of the textbook says it plans to correct the passage that inaccurately claims that black troops fought under Stonewall Jackson, an assertion historians overwhelmingly say is unproved. Five Ponds Presssays it will begin printing revised editions of “Our Virginia” early next year.

It also will replace a photo of a brown bear that is not native to Virginia. Until the new version is printed, the publisher is offering blank white stickers to cover the inaccurate sentence”

Let’s look at this again…The governor said the material is outside the historical mainstream and that “immediate corrective action” was taken to keep teachers from using that material.“I don’t want to have any historical inaccuracies taught for any reason in our schools, and I want the process to be looked at”

The key phrase in McDonnell’s statement is “outside of the mainstream”. Just who is the “mainstream”? That’s not hard to figure out all we have to do is turn to the Virginia Gazette and “the mainstream” is fully revealed.

The story was also carried by National Public Radio (you know, the station that fired Juan Williams for dare confronting the muslim problem) and fellow Leftist Lunatic Lune , Countdown with Keith Olberman

According to the Virginia Gazette:

“Pulitzer Prize-winning historian James McPherson of Princeton University said, “These Confederate heritage groups have been making this claim for years as a way of purging their cause of its association with slavery.”

Yes James-McPherson, not exactly the model for objectivity.  McPherson signed a petition started by Edward Sebesta (a radical South hater) asking President Obama not to send a wreath to the Confederate Monument at Arlington National Cemetery on Memorial Day in 2009 that even the Chicago Sun-Times didn’t take seriously. Other signers of the petition included radical 60’s terrorist (turned eh hem, educator) Bill Ayres.

The Daily Beast quoted McPherson as saying:

“I don’t think it appropriate for a president to send a wreath honoring a group that tried to break up the United States—especially a president who sees himself in many ways as an heir to Abraham Lincoln”

Of course it isn’t the first time McPherson has bashed Southern Heritage an entry on the Wikipedia website states:

McPherson’s political views have led to charges of bias against him and at least one boycott of his books. In 1999 McPherson drew the ire of Confederate heritage groups when he and Ed Sebesta had an interview with Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez on the left wing Pacifica Radio network’s Democracy Now! program. The topic of the interview was then-candidate George W. Bush’s financial support of the Museum of the Confederacy, and its Lone Star Ball fundraising event, as well as his views of the historical Confederacy. During the interview, guest Ed Sebesta discussed the Sons of Confederate Veterans and United Daughters of the Confederacy, which Sebesta argued were created with the motive of celebrating the Confederacy, including the use of slavery in the Confederate economy, and white supremacy. The interview with McPherson followed in another segment, where McPherson stated:

“I think, I agree a 100% with Ed Sebesta about the motives or the hidden agenda, not too, not too deeply hidden I think of such groups as the United Daughters of the Confederacy and the Sons of Confederate Veterans. They are dedicated to celebrating the Confederacy and rather thinly veiled support for white supremacy. And I think that also is the again not very deeply hidden agenda of the Confederate flag issue in several southern states.”.


That is some fine company you’re keeping Governor McDonnell. You have proven yourself to be a good little RINO and are following the script to the letter. The only question that remains is what has the Republican party promised this modern day Judas? -webmaster.


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