Is Kevin Levin scared of Women?


NOVEMBER 30, 2010 – Kevin Levin has deleted his blog entry concerning Mrs. Hathaway, as well he should have.

Today in an act of cowardice and desperation, Liberal Blogger / Yankee/ Government-sanctioned revisionist Kevin Levin  has verbally attacked and posted the personal information of Susan Hathaway.

Hathaway quite simply put is a gentile Virginia wife and mother, who just happens to hold a position in the Southern Heritage Preservation Facebook Group.

Along with her personal information (which includes her employer and the position she holds in the company) Levin posted her photograph {in an act of intimidation?}

Mrs. Hathaway’s crime? She dared to criticize Mr. Levin.  As justification for his actions Mr. Levin is using a statement that Mrs. Hathaway once made , out of context and is now calling it a threat.  The alleged statement made by Mrs. Hathaway was:

“This is all you need to know about Kevin Levin. He calls this insepid [sic] video a “wonderful teaching tool” and plans on using it to lead conferences on “Teaching American History” (training the teachers who will educate YOUR children) with grant money. WARNING: Highly Offensive material that may cause your head to explode/…

As for the urge to get him alone in a room…I was raised by gentle parents to be a Gentlewoman, but this fool may be the straw to break this camel’s back!”

Clearly Mrs. Hathaway was expressing her frustration with an idiot in a joking manner…and true to all the stereo-types, said idiot is now claiming that he has been threatened {by a woman}, which makes him the stereo-typical Yankee coward (and you wonder why Southerners were able to fight Yankees when they were outnumbered 3-1?).  If you read Mr. Levin’s bio on his website you will see that he was born and raised in New Jawwwzzy and educated in Southern institutions.  Now Mr. Levin is attempting to use his education to tell Southerners how THEY should honor their ancestors. Come on Mr. Levin, in order to take your accusations seriously, Mrs. Hathaway’s head would have had to explode and clearly that’s not happened yet.

Mr. Levin tries to make Southerners believe that the invading Yankee hoards of the War of Southern Independence, really weren’t bad people, and really didn’t commit atrocities and yet, here is Mr. Levin, a Yankee, trying to intimidate a Southern woman, by posting her personal information and trying to jeopardize her employment.

Almost 150 years after the war ended , and the Yankees are still trying to steal the bread out of the mouths of Southern children.



4 responses

  1. Dear Sir’s : The Virginia Board of Education should look in on his teaching skills and how he conducts his class . HE is teaching Virginia’ s young and planting bad seeds of knowledge .

  2. I see Mr. Levin has been dished out some of his own medicine and has deleted his post on Susan Hathaway.

    What goes around…
    … comes around.

  3. […] some Southern minded folks gathered in his hometown with their Confederate flags proclaiming that a local school teacher likes to harass women.- […]

  4. This is what we coming back to: Yankees who ‘teach’ tolerance and diversity, except when it comes to Southern people. They will do or say anything to justify our oppression and now they are resorting to tactics that would have us in jail.

    I, for one, am almost at the point of ceasing to dialogue with these *&%$@( Yankees anymore. I cannot convince them to listen honestly, so I am about to quit asking them to listen anymore at all.

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