Letter to the Editor:

Every one admits that the United States is in deep poo poo because we have no money.  China owns us.

Suggested tax raises are a ramped idea in our Senate/Congress/Executive branch.  George (the idiot) Bush and the Communist Obama agree that no matter what Americans do that the U.S. tax payer must send billions to Africa because it is the right thing to do and that this is what we are about.

That is only Africa, I hope you know about the rest of the world that the tax payer keeps up ( like the millions that Clinton pledged to Pakistan). A long story short, what if there was no United States to suck on?  Would it not make more sense to stop all Foreign Aid, bring home our troops, vote out all the democrats and republicans that don’t support the Tea Party movement, and try to save our selves?  One day then maybe we could again support poor people who want to help themselves?

We are in deep poo poo because of the U.S. government!  Which is no surprise to us as our ancestors gave their all to preserve a republican government in the South realizing that there was no hope for the north  (barney f– and ted kennedy for example).  They ( the Congress/Executive and Judicial) no longer respect the  Constitution!  Our forefathers fought two wars over taxes, the American Revolution and the  War for Southern Independence!  Try to put that on the History Channel and you will learn that the liberal politically correct woman in charge will not allow it.

We are the last of our race, let us be the best!

Yours in our Cause!

Billy Ed Bowden

Commander, James Utz Camp,

Missouri Sons of Confederate Veterans.


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