Why the South fought…

As the Civil War sesquicentennial quickly approaches one question has been and will continue to be debated; why did the South fight?

Liberal bloggers, Northerners, government entities such as the National Park Service as well as Lincoln apologists have made the war about slavery.

The debate whether or not black Confederates existed and in what capacity seems to be a favorite subject for those who make the slavery argument. Does it really matter in what capacity that black Southerners served in the Confederate army?

It does to the Lincoln apologists. It matters because if they allow themselves to admit that blacks served in the Confederacy with honor, it takes away from the myth that Lincoln was the great emancipator.

With this in mind they would rather take a racist approach to the question of black Confederates, making statements such as “oh they were just body servants” etc to protect the image of Lincoln, all the while taking away the honor that these men achieved in fighting for their home. Their state. Their Country.

Why did the South {both black and white} fight the North?

Why not let the common Confederate soldier speak for himself?

Recently 82-year-old Jefferson Smith shared a letter written by his grandfather prior to being killed in the Battle of Gettysburg. The letter was published in Virginia’s “The Daily Progressive” and is self-explanatory:

“I am 82 years of age. My grandfather served the Confederacy under North Carolina Gen. J. Johnston Pettigrew. He died at the Battle of Gettysburg. I will allow his thoughts, written to my grandmother just a couple of weeks prior to that battle, to speak for themselves.”

My lovely wife. I do so miss you, and the life we have there on the small plot of land God has given us. More and more, it seems that my thoughts are drifting back there to reside with you. Yet, as badly as I desire to be back home, it is for home for which I deem it best for my presence here with these other men. The proclamation by the Lincoln administration six months prior may appear noble. Were I here in these conditions, simply to keep another man in bondage, I would most certainly walk away into the night and return unto you. God knows my heart, and the hearts of others here amongst me. We know what is at stake here, and the true reason for this contest that requires the spilling of the blood of fellow citizens. Our collective fear is nearly universal. This war, if it is lost, will see ripples carry forward for five, six, seven or more generations. I scruple not to believe, as do the others, that the very nature of this country will be forever disspirited. That one day, our great great grandchildren will be bridled with a federal bit, that will deem how and if they may apply the gospel of Christ to themselves, their families and their communities. Whether or not the land of their forefathers may be deceitfully taken from them through taxation and coercion. A day where only the interests of the northern wealthy will be shouldered by the broken and destitute bodies of the southern poor. This my darling wife, is what keeps me here in this arena of destruction and death.

These noble men who willingly sacrificed themselves for the sake of future generations knew exactly why they were fighting. They knew with such clarity that their words proved prophetic in so many ways. I have the feeling that the recent censorship of Virginia history textbooks would have come as no surprise to these men for they already knew what was at stake and this is why they fought so desperately without hesitation.

This is why the South fought.- Webmaster


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