Teachers Unions Don’t Wear Sheets

It seems alot of leftist out there are obsessed with the coming Civil War sequicentenniel and whether or not black Southerners served in the Confederate Army.  Although there are some really good public school teachers out there the sad reality is that alot of the attacks against Southern history are coming from far-left public school teachers such as Kevin Levin who publishes the Civil War Memory Blog and Corey Meyer a public school teacher who hails from the Land of Lincoln.

It has often been said that when it comes to the Civil War (i.e. War of Northern Aggression, War for Southern Independence) that the South might have lost the war, but won the peace. This is something that hasn’t set well in the mind of the Yankee intellectual.

The Yankee intellectual mind knows that in order to ensure that Lincoln worship continues for another 150 years, the myth of the “Great Emancipator” must be promulgated. Here lies their problem with the idea that Black Southerners served in the Confederate ranks.

The fact that they did makes people ask why they did.  It is a rather simple answer, whether free or slave, the South was still their country and they wanted to defend it just like any other Southerner.

The latest attack comes from Corey Meyer who publishes The Blood of My Kindred blog. It seems that he is having trouble accepting that Dixie Outfitters has come out with a line of t-shirts that honor modern day activist H.K. Edgerton and black Confederates.

 Writes Meyer:

“It appears that old H. K. Edgerton has gotten himself a tee-shirt or two over at Dixie Outfitters.  I recently stubbled on the picture over at Facebook’s Southern Heritage Preservation Group.  I cannot begin to count how wrong this is…so I won’t”

How wrong is it Mr. Meyer?  Is it wrong that an intelligent black Southern man chooses to research his heritage and celebrate it?

I have met Mr. Edgerton. I have shared the stage with him. I have heard him speak and it is very moving. He speaks with passion, of pride and of his own free will.

Mr. Edgerton also loves to educate the children (both black and white equally) and affectionately refers to them as “his babies”

The problem this shirt presents to men like Meyer is that it portrays Mr. Edgerton and black Confederate soldiers as proud Southerners and makes people question the real motives behind “Mr. Lincoln’s War”

I think men like Meyer would be much more comfortable if Mr. Edgerton and black Confederates looked more like a ragged share-cropper,  thanking kind ole “Massa Lincoln” for saving them from their evil Southern masters.      

Give me a break! These people believe we as Southerners should seek their permission and ask them how to honor OUR heritage?  They portray us as racist , but if they were really   honest with themselves they would realize just how much of a racist agenda they are promoting, just to keep the Lincoln myth alive.

I personally have realized that the only difference between teachers who bring forth  their own agenda and the Klan is that teacher’s union members don’t wear sheets.-Webmaster


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