More Liberal Racism…

Yesterday I wrote about Corey Meyer’s (publisher of The Blood of my Kindred Blog) racist attitudes towards black Confederates and modern day black Southern Heritage activists such as H.K. Edgerton. Yesterday his partner in crime, Kevin Levin (publisher of the Civil War Memory blog) got in on the action posting:

Kevin Levin: Doesn't like black Southerners

Writes Levin: “Looks like the newest line of Dixie Outfitters t-shirts is now available and with this little gem you are likely to be noticed miles away.  Actually, I can’t tell whether we are supposed to celebrate black Confederate soldiers or H.K. Edgerton.  Doesn’t this look utterly ridiculous when you put it up against this?”

No Mr. Levin, you are the one that looks utterly ridiculous. Like Mr. Meyer, your true feelings of racial bias are revealed when courageous men like Mr. Edgerton speak out. When men like Mr. Edgerton speak out, men like you get nervous. The Lincoln myth is a house built out of cards and the winds of truth are about to blow it all down.

Do you know why men like Mr. Edgerton will be remembered and men like yourself and Mr. Meyers will not? It is because he stands for something. – Webmaster


2 responses

  1. Very similar to how conservative blacks are treated in politics- Clarence Thomas, Condoleeza Rice, etc., to name a few.

    Even Obama -who is far from conservative- has lately been described as the “light skinned Uncle Tom” for compromising with Republicans.

    But I suppose politics is at the heart of what these “historians” are about.

  2. […] from a few incidents at Kevin’s place of work, that hasn’t gone very far.  And the accusation that Kevin doesn’t like black southerners didn’t exactly stick, although friend of the […]

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