Save Your Confederate Money Boys

By: Floyd Norris of the NY Times:

“This year is the 150th anniversary of the beginning of the Civil War, in which the South won some early victories but lost in the end. It is starting the same way.On New Year’s Day, five of the six college football bowl games pitted a college from a state that was in the Confederacy against one from a Union state. The Confederates won each of those five games.

In the remaining game, the Fiesta Bowl, Connecticut, from the Union, was defeated by Oklahoma, which was not a state during the Civil War but whose territory was claimed by the Confederacy, and presumably would have become a Confederate state had the South won the war.

We will see if the trend holds tonight, when Stanford (Union) meets Virginia Tech (Confederate) in the Orange Bowl.

The decade is also starting well for the states of the old Confederacy in another way. They will have 32 percent of the seats in the House under the apportionment from the 2010 census. That will be their greatest representation since the 1810 census, when their share fell to 31 percent from 35 percent after the 1800 census. The low point for those states came after the 1930 census cut their representation to 23 percent.

The Union state share is now 57 percent, which is the lowest in history. (The balance, of 11 percent, is composed of states admitted to the Union after the Civil War. That is the largest share that group has had.)

The declining share of House seats for the South in the early decades of the 19th century — the proportion under the 1860 census would have been just 25 percent — contributed to Southern fears that a rising North would destroy slavery, and to the secession movement.

The rising political power of the South may have nothing to do with football power. But all in all, this has been a period when the South had reason to cheer, and the North did not.”

Technically Missouri was a Confederate state and Mizzou lost to Iowa, and Virginia Tech ended up losing to Stanford, but Mr. Norris is correct, the South has much to celebrate this year, and it is nice to read a complimentary article towards the South for once. Thank You , Mr. Norris-webmaster

Letters of Thanks to Mr. Norris can be sent to the Gentleman from New York by clicking on the link below:


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  1. I have got one note like this, few years ago my aunt’s brother in law gave her some foreign notes, she then handle me those notes as she didnt know the value of these notes. I kept them, I must have about 50 notes of different countries. Now it seem unbelievable that I have a confederate 10 dollars note. The note is old but seem genuine. How can I know if it’s really a genuine note?

    1. if it genuinely looks weathered and the color is faded, it is a good indication that you have a note, BUT make sure that it does not say facsimile anywhere on the note.

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