Civil War Battle in Oregon

A very interesting video from Mr. Aaron Baker. Mr. Baker discusses a battle that took place between Confederates in Oregon and the Union army at the end of the war. He also reads a letter that was published in the town’s local newspaper at the beginning of the war. Slavery is mentioned, however; it is the people that consider themselves Abraham Lincoln’s slaves! From youtube:

“Aaron Baker stands on the ground of Oregon’s only Civil War Battle. Next to a heritage marker placed by the Daughters of the Revolution, in the town of Franklin, Oregon A.K.A Smithfield, Oregon. Aaron reads a letter addressed To “Abraham Lincoln” From, “His Slaves in Oregon”. The letter was printed in a Eugene, Oregon newspaper called the “Democratic Register” on August, 30 1862. Several years later in May of 1865 after the assassination of Abraham Lincoln, Phillip Mulkey a local Preacher and Politician was wrongfully arrested. Mulkey was taken by secret to the Union’s stronghold, Fort Vancouver. Confederates gathered and prepared to battle the Union Military for Mulkeys release. Joseph Lane’s County was a hot bed for Confederates, termed “Long Tommers”, giving a strong presence of the Confederate States of America (C.S.A.) in Oregon.”


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