Olaf Childress Challenges Morris Dees

P E R   R E G I S T E R E D   M A I L

February 1, 2011


Mr. Morris Dees

Southern Poverty Law Center

400 Washington Avenue

Montgomery , Alabama 36104



Dr. Cornelius Wooten, Vice President, University of West Florida at Pensacola , Florida , promised he would investigate and report his findings regarding my charges of assault and battery against you, Morris Dees and others, for your brutalizing me there on January 12, 2002 , which he promptly forgot to do. Attorney Kirk Lyons didn’t want the case; Edgar Steele did, but was too far away in Idaho .

So let us determine the merits at last of my claims by meeting in an eye-to-eye public debate on the sidewalk in front of your lucrative business place at 400 Washington Avenue , Montgomery , Alabama , on February 19, 2011 , at 3:00 pm. Should you ignore this summons, I and my associates will consider that an admission of guilt as here charged:

You, Morris Dees of the Southern Poverty Law Center, together with Security Police Chief John Warren and his deputy as accomplices, did at the University of West Florida on January 12, 2002, cause painful assault and battery upon my person, dignity and character, the way I was physically dragged by both arms backwards out into the night, two pairs of entry doors being slammed open by those campus security police shoving my backside against them as a ram. You, Mr. Dees, did not appear particularly interested in the college students lured to your lecture there in exchange for extra credits, they making up less than one-fifth of the 250 in attendance. No, those invited to bankroll your SPLC’s cause and lend applause were mostly alumni and faculty, neatly if hippily dressed, a scattering of rabbinical and tribal caps, shawls, facial decorations and other signs of peace, tolerance and harmony. As the lecture closed, we defenders of Southern chivalry scrambled for the exits, distracting those wonderfully understanding types with smiles so friendly they accepted copies of The First Freedom which offers an alternate viewpoint to yours. Then, with some fifty or so of your supporters remaining in the foyer to eat sandwiches, sip champagne from plastic cups and chatter, you, Mr. Dees, appeared and began taking impromptu questions. I eased up and, under the cold visage of a nearby security guard who had observed me passing out papers, awaited my turn. I introduced myself and you smiled back pleasantly.

“Mr. Dees, I was in front of the capitol in Montgomery yesterday,” I began, “along with a heritage group commemorating our January 11, 1861 , Alabama Secession Proclamation. Down the street from there stands your organization’s multimillion-dollar palace. I realize you’ve made a bundle in this toleration racket, but…”

Your expression suddenly changed. “Do you have a question I’m supposed to answer? I’m not listening to this belligerence!” you shot back.

“Yes,” I replied calmly. “What I want to know is, why does the SPLC repeatedly publish propaganda associating our Southern heritage movement with hate? We tell everyone who will listen, it has NOTHING to do with hate. Why do YOU hate us teaching true history?”

“Look, I don’t answer that kind of talk!” you blustered and suddenly appeared savage enough to kill were it safe and opportune. You glanced at the guard and pushed me back, punching me in the chest with that finger apparently a signal, as, “Come on,” growled the burly guard, two uniformed men grabbing my arms and dragging me to the door. “You’re out of here!”

“Wait a minute!” I protested. “What have I done, what’s your problem, can’t you see I’m trying to interview Mr. Dees? He hit ME, I didn’t touch him.”

Chief Warren: “You were belligerent, that’s enough, you’re out of here.”

And so I was. And so much for tolerance.

I later drove over to Starkville , Mississippi , for another of your lectures to interview you but only could only speak with Bill Cox, husband of your “Senior Intelligence Analyst” Laurie Wood. Unknown to me at that time, Cox was an SPLC agent provocateur merely posing as a patriot. Sir, please mark your calendar for February 19, 3:00 pm .

Olaf Childress, Editor


cc: The Montgomery Advertiser


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