Army of titles finds new niches of Civil War to explore

From the Kansas City Star:

“•Paul Petersen of Raytowngives a new perspective on the Border War in “Quantrill at Lawrence: The Untold Story,” scheduled to be published in April (Pelican; $26.95).

Petersen makes the case that William Quantrill’s raid was not a bloody massacre against innocent citizens. Rather, his attacks affected only strategic military positions in Lawrence and brought Quantrill no monetary gain. According to Petersen, Union propaganda perpetuated the myth of Quantrill’s brutality.

Petersen furthers the controversy by arguing that Jayhawkers — the Kansans, that is — were the ruthless guerrillas, using the false front of patriotism to justify their violence.”

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Want to know more about “Quantrill of Missouri”? Then don’t miss the Col. John T. Coffee Camp’s 11th annual Heritage Dinner, featuring Paul R. Petersen , award winning author of “Quantrill of Missouri” , “Quantrill in Texas” and the upcoming book “Quantrill in Kansas” The dinner is free but you must RSVP before April 26, 2011. For information about this event and how to RSVP click on the following link:



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