King makers pick anti-Southern Romney

Kingmakers pick anti-Southern Romney


Clint E. Lacy


While everyone is saying early good-byes to President Obama, it might be a good idea to step back and look at the bigger picture.

Obama, will be in office another four years and the reason is what I call a Republican civil-war that is currently being fought within the circles of the Licnolnite party.

Basically there are two factions:

The “had enoughs” of the current Tea-Party

The “old guard” that refuses to relinquish control

Sadly the “had enough” motives are pure but they don’t realize they have been co-opted. The “old guard” political elite knows that they will vote Republican no matter who gets the nomination and they plan on making former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, the nominee.

The “old guard” has been building up Romney since the very moment that Arizona Senator John McCain  won the Republican nomination in 2008.  A recent Tea Party Youtube clip sums up the situation by stating the “kingmakers” have already chosen Romney.

Ready to ride Romeny’s coattails straight to the bottom is former Missouri Senator Jim Talent ( “Chicken Jim” as I affectionately nicknamed him in 2006 for his love and protection of the illegal alien hiring corporate agriculture companies located throughout Missouri).

“One reason I’m so bullish on Mitt this time is that I think he’s finding his moment,” said former Sen. Jim Talent, a Romney surrogate. “He’s talking about the economy and he’s been talking about it. Remember, in 2007, the surge in Iraq became the issue, and that benefited John McCain. I think you’re seeing something similar happen here with the economy and Mitt.” –Former Sen. Jim Talent

Nice try “Chicken Jim”!  Don’t be fooled by this man, he is “Bullish” for Romney for two reasons and two reasons only:

Both Romney and Talent are South-haters. In this 2007 Youtube clip of a CNN Republican primary debate Romney stated “I’m not going to get involved in a flag like that. That’s not a flag that I would recognize or hold up in my room”, when a citizen asked the candidates what the Confederate flag means to them. Romney would later go on to state that: “that flag, frankly, is divisive, and it shouldn’t be shown.”-CNN November 29th, 2007 web post.

“Chicken Jim” hates the South and its heritage as much as Romney. Jim Talent is a political whore who shares the Reconstructionist, Anti-States Rights views as Romney. He was even rumored to be Romney’s choice for VP if he had gotten the nomination in 2008.

As Southern heritage activist and political commentator Billy Bearden once noted in an article written for the Georgia Heritage Council website: “Senator Jim Talent of Missouri had shown no talent for appreciating Southern Heritage, joining Missouri Gov. Holden and Missouri Rep. Gephardt in calling for the Confederate Battle flag’s removal from two Missouri Confederate Cemeteries. With his statement, “I think it’s appropriate to take them down. The flag is intertwined in people’s minds with what was the greatest injustice in the history of our country and they should come down,” EX-Senator Talent has also joined Holden and Gephardt in the political unemployment line.”

Political whores don’t like being unemployed and the Republican “old guards” do not like being told to listen to the people. That is why Romney will get the nomination. That is why he will choose “Chicken Jim” as his VP running mate and that is why Obama will win in 2012.

Republicans are too arrogant to realize or admit they need the South, to them it is just one more colony to control, therefore Southern votes will be split.

Liberals on the other hand might not like Obama as much as they used to ; however, they are solidified in their desire to finish America’s socialist revolution that they started in 2008.





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