Please Contact the City of Osceola, Missouri immediately

The above video is a good representation of the war crimes committed by Kansas Jayhawkers in Osceola, Missouri in September, 1861. The City Council of Osceola, Missouri recently decided to make a bold and unusual stand by passing a resolution that asked the university of Kansas to drop its “Jayhawk” mascot because it represents the act of domestic terrorism committed by Senator Jim Lane’s “Jayhawks”.  The resolution is unusual in a sense that it is not often that a City Council takes a stand for TRUTH.

Please notify the City of Osceola and Thank them for their courage and for helping to educate the public on the true history of Missouri.

You can send correspondence by email at:

Or you can call the Mayor of Osceola personal and ask them to stand firm in their decision by dialing: 417-646-8421

It is imperative that we support the City of Osceola in their decision- Editor


2 responses

  1. jayhawks suck!

  2. […] is the how dare they use the “T” word response.  And on the other there are those wrapping the affair up in the Confederate battle flag. There are even some threatening to boycott the Osceola Cheese […]

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