America Needs another Lincoln?

“Abraham Lincoln was the gold standard of leadership for this country. His personal sacrifice dealing with the worst crisis America has ever faced is what we need today: politicians not looking out for themselves, not wedded to an ideology, but willing to do difficult things for the good of all Americans.”-Bill O’Reilly

Bill O’Reilly didn’t stop there, he actually said that we need another Lincoln “right now” and that Lincoln was America’s greatest president.

Apparently George Washington  didn’t “Factor” into Bill O’Reilly’s assessment of just who America’s greatest president was.

The facts:

  • Lincoln did “unify” the nation…at the cost of our freedom which was protected by the rights of our states prior to the Civil War
  • Yes the country was divided but “Honest Abe” brought it together by sacrificing over 620,000  American lives.

Yes I guess Lincoln was very much a “uniter”, much in the same sense that Pol Pot and Mao Tse Tung were “uniters” of their country.


2 responses

  1. Im sorry but I disagree, Lincoln was the worst scum that there was in the White House. He invaded a Peaceful nation and caused so many millions of Dollars of dept for both the US and the Confederate Nation. Wiped out a nation a Nation that is still waiting for the chance to come back to life. Lincoln should have been hanged for war crimes against a Peaceful Nation.

    1. And I agree!

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