Stomp ’em Out

It appears my last post about diversity gone wrong in Nascar has upset a few of those that cast their lot with those of the politically correct persuasion. One such person, Andy Hall, who publishes the Dead Confederates blog writes:

“Clint Lacy, who claims his Across Our Confederation blog is “your voice in the Sons of Confederate Veterans,” has figured out the underlying cause of that fiery crash at the Daytona 500 the other night: letting non-white (or maybe just non-Southron) drivers into the sport. No, seriously:

Well Mr. [Brian] France [CEO and Chairman of NASCAR]; Did you get this “diversity thing” right? Did you achieve what you wanted to for this sport?

Because if your Drive to Diversity program was rolled out so that Latin-Americans could roll into dryer trucks filled to the brim with jet fuel you can give yourself a pat on the back.

I saw that wreck, and I have to say that it never entered my mind that it was the inevitable and foreseeable outcome of letting a Columbian, Juan Pablo Montoya, get behind the wheel. Shows you how clueless I am.

It’s Lacy’s conceit that his blog speaks for the rank-and-file membership of the SCV. It doesn’t, and he doesn’t, but his claim that it does makes it an SCV problem nonetheless. They ought to stomp him for attaching their name to foolishness like this, but I’m not holding my breath.”

This really isn’t surprising coming from Hall. Calling for a non-for-profit fraternal organization to bring violence to my doorstep. He did however; get one thing right, he is clueless.  Never have I said that Across our Confederation was affiliated with the Sons of Confederate Veterans. In fact, if he had taken time to click on the “about” link on my blog he would have read:

“Welcome to ACROSS THE CONFEDERATION.  This blog is your voice in the SCV. It is my belief that in order to be an effective and successful organization, the Sons of Confederate Veterans needs to hear from all of its members.

This blog will not discriminate on the basis of politics or camp affiliation. You send it and I’ll print it, it’s as simple as that.

Across the Confederation is not a publication of, nor is it affiliated with the Sons of Confederate Veterans.”

I did take the time to read about  Mr. Hall’s blog and what I found was not surprising. By clicking on the “about” link for the Dead Confederates blog we find that Mr. Hall brags {seemingly} of having more Confederate ancestors west of the Mississippi than any man on earth and he’s proud of it…well maybe not so much. When you get past all of the “I’m more qualified than you” portion of this blog he gets to his REAL beliefs ….

“I have no use for the Lost Cause. I grew up with it; I learned early on that Grant was a drunk, and Sherman was a monster. The pervasiveness of slavery, which tainted all, was rarely discussed. We were never actually defeated, I was told; “they starved us out.” I don’t think my late-20th-century family actually bought into this foolishness much, but felt obligated to pass it along, as it had been to them. But in my family, at least, it ends with me. There’s far too much good history out there to ignore for the sake of romanticism and hagiography”

Well there you go, it ends with him. To hell with his family, his sense of pride, honor or heritage. HIS kids will learn the official “guvment” version of the war because after all, Grant didn’t expel Jews from Paducah, Ky, Sherman didn’t kill or harm civilians and Lincoln was just a good president in a bad situation {tell that to over 600,000 Americans both North and South who died in order for him to implement big government programs and subvert the rights of states}.

As far as SCV members go, I would wager that most descendants of Confederate veterans probably aren’t too happy with Brian France’s vision for Nascar, a sport with its roots planted firmly in the South, but if up to France, will have no trace of it left in the sport.-webmaster.


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  1. […] Lacy has responded to this post, claiming that I have issued a call “for a non-for-profit fraternal organization to bring violence to my doorstep.” OK, fine, I’ll rephrase that. […]

  2. I’m certain that letting a South American driver enter a NASCAR race does nothing to harm the organization’s legacy. Perhaps it harms the legacy of your organization. I think that having the best drivers in the world compete in NASCAR raises the quality and heightens the popularity of it, but perhaps that’s not what you’re interested in.

  3. Jeff,

    Having the best drivers in the period, compete in Nascar is what it has ALWAYS been about. The sport started wth the moonshine runners in the South who came from ALL walks of life. That being said, it has always been a Southern sport, celebrating Southern heritage. When the France family decides to focus more on diversifying the sport with multiculturalism, combined with the systematic destruction of its fans heritage, it’s a bad combination. France canned the appearance of the General Lee , an iconic Southern symbol in the opening ceremonies because of fear of what would happen. My point is that I’m certain celebrating Southern heritage would not have resulted in the car crashing into a jet dry truck.

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