The Trayvon Martin Fraud : Part I

Yeah I said it. This whole Trayvon Martin shooting story is an entire myth… a fraud.  While it is tragic that a young man has lost his life, the only thing more tragic is the way the media has lied, distorted and manipulated this entire story.

First of all the media never announced that George Zimmerman was hispanic. I guess they were content  to merely mention his name. After all George Zimmerman sounds white, (not as much bang for the buck if he turns out to be hispanic).

The Washington Post has been one of the news outlets offering constant coverage of this incident. How come it took them so long to report that:

“Last week, Zimmerman’s father released a statement to the Orlando Sentinel saying that his son did not try to pursue or confront Martin. And he disputed allegations that his son targeted Martin because he was black.

“George is a Spanish-speaking minority with many black family members and friends,” Robert Zimmerman wrote. “He would be the last to discriminate for any reason whatsoever.”

Then there is the whole issue that nearly every media outlet in the nation has used in their coverage of the Trayvon Martin case, the one of twelve-year-old innocent Trayvon, not 17-year-old thug Trayvon.

Then there were calls by Al Sharpton, and Jesse Jackson and after that the Justice Department announced it would be conducting a federal investigation .

Really the same federal agency that was responsible for starting their own gun running business to Mexico and named Eric Holder as its CEO is going to get down to the bottom of this one?

As a blogger who recently published a post on the Houston Chronical website writes:

“The witness that the police interviewed at the time of the shooting said that George Zimmerman was on the ground with Trayvon on top of him hitting him. Zimmerman did have grass stains on his back and his face his bleeding when the police get there. Now, who could blame Trayvon for attacking Zimmerman? Here was this guy following him, for all he knew, to rob and hurt him. So, it doesn’t change the story really to point out that fact, but most of the media ignored this part because it didn’t make the story juicy enough. Police played the 9-11 tape to Trayvon’s father and the father tells police that it is not his son screaming in the background. I can’t tell you how upset so many were to hear that tape and imagine it was Trayvon screaming, but it wasn’t. But heaven forbid the media correct that. Again, it just made the story juicer.

The media also chose to only show younger sweeter pictures of Trayvon instead of reporting that he was. 6’2″. While they did report an expunged arrest of George Zimmerman, they did not report that Trayvon had been at the apartments because he had been suspended from school for five days. We don’t know why because the school is not releasing that information.* I’m not saying that the information about Trayvon was relevant. It isn’t. But it’s clear the media was trying to paint a picture of racial injustice, and they weren’t going to let any facts get in the way. The point is not to question the injustice of Trayvon. This is, without a doubt, an injustice. Zimmerman had NO business following him. Zimmerman does deserve to be arrested. Let the facts speak for themselves. But I think it’s clear here that the media played us. They played us racially. And sadly, now, the usual race – are getting in on it.

Let’s not let the media do this to us.

*I am being told on twitter that Zimmerman being Hispanic was widely reported. I didn’t see it at all in the first reports, but I’m willing to concede that some media outlets may have reported it. They are also telling me that Trayvon’s suspension was reported, but again, I sure didn’t see it and I was following it all very closely. I’m told that his suspension was for tardiness, but I haven’t seen that reported either. But all that really doesn’t matter. We all know how this is playing out. Trayvon was innocent, but we are still being played. ”

Yes we are all still being played. Speaking of players, you didn’t think Jesse Jackson, America’s favorite race-hustler would refrain from weighing in on this did you? Fox News reports that Jesse Jackson has stated that “Blacks are under attack” and that:

“Civil rights leader Jesse Jackson said Friday that he’s grateful the rest of the  country has sat up and taken notice of the tragic slaying of Trayvon Martin. But  he can’t help but wonder: Why has it taken so long for everyone else to  recognize the chronic injustices that African-Americans face?”

Oh I don’t know “Reverend”, maybe it has something to do with the Black Panther Party (you know the “party” that the DOJ refused to prosecute for voter intimidation) is running around putting $10,000 bounties on people?

If you do apprehend someone on the Black Panther Party’s “wanted” list , don’t expect to get paid immediately, they’re going to have to wait till the beginning of the month and then pool their check money together, but such is the world of injustice.


7 responses

  1. Good post. I’ve been shooting that photo everywhere this morning and found your post looking for more to get out there of the real ‘smokie’ who likely jumped Zimmerman as he was retreating to his vehicle I’d bet anything. ANYTHING. Freaking mouli’s

  2. […] started rolling in as I published my series on the Trayvon Martin case Part I , Part II and Part III .  Race-baiting was the accusation made by certain liberal South-hating […]

  3. The middle finger photo above is of someone else named “Trayvon Martin”. There is a photo of the Trayvon in question giving the finger at

    1. Thank You for the correction Ryan.

      1. Of course it’s of “someone else” named Trayvon Martin. Because like Tom, Dick and Harry, Trayvon is such a common name in the United States. And let me guess, that Trayvon is 12 years old too.

    2. That’s right. The older Trayvon Martin that’s sagging is not the same person that was killed last yr.

  4. I’ve seen the photo online also. It says this is not the same person.

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