Galvanized Yankees

 Andy Hall over at the Dead Confederates Blog says:

” I’ve got more Confederate ancestors, both direct and collateral, than I’ve been able to identify and count up so far. Some of them came from slaveholding families. They served in some of the best-known units of the war, including the Eighth Texas Cavalry (Terry’s Rangers), the Fourth Texas Infantry in Hood’s Brigade, and Walker’s Greyhounds. In time and geography, their aggregate service spans the entire war, from First Manassas to after Appomattox, from Miller’s Cornfield to the Siege of Vicksburg to the boulder-strewn slope of Little Round Top”

And he’s ashamed of everyone of them

“I have no use for the Lost Cause. I grew up with it; I learned early on that Grant was a drunk, and Sherman was a monster. The pervasiveness of slavery, which tainted all, was rarely discussed. We were never actually defeated, I was told; “they starved us out.” I don’t think my late-20th-century family actually bought into this foolishness much, but felt obligated to pass it along, as it had been to them. But in my family, at least, it ends with me. There’s far too much good history out there to ignore for the sake of romanticism and hagiography.”

My his ancestors and family must be so proud of all his hand-wringing and apologizing.


3 responses

  1. Andy is a grade-A scalawag. There will be no room for traitors in a free South. I will personally pitch in to buy them one way bus tickets to Boston.

  2. Feel bad for his kids – looks like according to Mr. Hall, they’ll now be learning the sanitized version of history. Just like a lot of kids raised in the church (who abandon the faith), it seems he’s one of these that was instructed – but never really taught on what the Southern People and their hope for Government means to us today. The War of Northern Aggression was massive overthrowing of the principals of the Declaration of Independence, which then established a precedent of rot for the next 150 years.

  3. I had the misfortune to stumble upon that specimen of hatred and gall at the forum civilwartalk. I was kicked out because a pro-Confederate has no room in this yankee site.

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