Wow. What a moving tribute to Trayvon. What with all the calls for starting riots and bringing bodily harm to white children , it's hard to imagine anyone having anything but sympathy for Trayvon and these black folk who merely want justice for this 12 year old boy. Wait...he was seventeen wasn't he? Oh well as far as the media is concerned he is twelve.

I can imagine ole' Andy Hall over at the Dead Confederates Blog listening to this "spiritual hymn" on his couch, all black in his hoodie, curled up in the fetal position, rocking back and forth, cursing his ancestors while crying out loud, "They're right, they're right! Let's start a riot. Burn my house down first, I'm sorry!!!"- webmaster


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  1. […] a rap group didn’t put out a video calling for riots and hurting white […]

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