The Trayvon Martin Fraud Part III: What’s in a symbol?

Rep. Bobby Rush (D) Illinois, rocking the hoodie on the house floor.

Continuing with my exploration of “Reverend” Jesse Jackson’s accusation that “blacks are under attack”  I thought it would be interesting to explore the statistics regarding “Black History” vs “Southern” or “Confederate” history. An article posted on NJ.Com’s website , published  Feb 26, 2010 ( “Renaming a street is a common – and sometimes controversial – way to honor Martin Luther King Jr” ) states: “When it comes to renaming public spaces in honor of African-Americans, no modern tradition has been more successful — and often more contentious — than renaming a street after Martin Luther King Jr.

What began in Chicago a few months after the civil rights leader was assassinated in 1968 picked up steam once his birthday was named a federal holiday in 1983. Whether dubbed a street, highway, drive, boulevard, lane or circle, renaming continue to this day, said Derek Alderman, an East Carolina University geographer who has studied the trend.

There are now at least 893 Martin Luther King Jr. streets in the United States, according to his latest compilation. The majority of those are in the South, particularly in King’s home state of Georgia, which has 128.”

You know those are interesting statistics. Over 893 MLK streets across the U.S. , amazingly most of them are located in South , where an epidemic of anti-Confederate vandalism cases has erupted. One needs only to do a quick Google or Yahoo search to see just how bad this epidemic has become….

March 27,2012  Wall Street Journal
“Fall of Confederate Statue Ignites Civil War in its Home”

March 26, 2012 Montgomery Advertiser

“Bust of Confederate General , Klan Leader missing in Selma”

March 8, 2012  Examiner.Com

“NAACP linked to Effort to Bulldoze Confederate Monument, Bessinger’s BBQ”

These are incidents that have happened over the last month alone! The latter, being directly linked to the NAACP. I ask you; Who is under attack here? Certainly not Jesse and Al.

And what happens when Southerners try to honor  Black Confederates who served their country? They are ridiculed by the likes of not only radicals from the racial left, but white guilt , neo-yankee propagandist such as Kevin Levin and Brookes Simpson.

On the other hand the Trayvon Martin incident has spawned an entirely new type of “civil rights” symbol…the hoodie.  It has been seen everywhere from the U.S. House of Representatives , to Black churches and by liberal television hosts.

Yes little Trayvon is now a martre and his death will be put to good use by liberal media and the rabid black racialists to further their main cause… the almighty greenback dollar. Men like Sharpton and Jackson need a good tragedy to get the money flowin’ in again so that they can again pick up the banner of battling those slave, lovin’ Confederates.

South-haters love to espouse the claim that the Confederate flag is a symbol of oppression against blacks and minorities but over 893 MLK streets in the American South and the seemingly monthly vandalism incidents involving Confederate monuments tell a different story. Black Americans are not under attack, white Americans, specifically of Southern ancestry are the new minority.  The hoodie will be the banner that those who wish to eradicate the Southerner will rally around.-webmaster


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