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12th Annual Coffee Camp Tour & Heritage Dinner

Don’t miss the 12 Annual Coffee Camp Historical Tour and Heritage Dinner April 21, 2012 in Osceola , Missouri. This year’s keynote speaker will be Donnie Kennedy co-author of the best selling book ” The South was Right”.

Click on the link for details!

12th Annual Confederate Heritage Dinner rev.


Why isn’t the Museum of the Confederacy going to fly Confederate Flags?

Are YOU mad enough yet? Call (804) 649-1861 and ask the Museum of the Confederacy WHY there will be no Confederate Flag flown at the Appomattox location! Email Linda Lipscomb, Appomattox site director Send a fax to: (804) 644-7150. If you live anywhere near Richmond, stop in and ask them in person! If you are a member, cancel your membership…tell them why…and demand a REFUND!-via Southern Heritage Preservation Group.

Southerners: Will Romney represent you?

NASCAR Diveristy goes up in flames at Daytona

“If we don’t get diversity right, this sport will not achieve what it needs to achieve from a popularity standpoint,”-Brian France  [NASCAR Seeks Diversity But Finds the Goings Slow , By Seth Livingstone, USA Today, April 27, 2007]

Well Mr. France; Did you get this “diversity thing” right? Did you achieve what you wanted to for this sport?

Because if your Drive to Diversity program was rolled out so that Latin-Americans could roll into dryer trucks filled to the brim with jet fuel you can give yourself a pat on the back.

As one writer for Pennsylvania’s ‘Fan Line’ blog put it:

“WHAT A SPLENDID display of driving, Mr. Montoya. No worries, you can still probably get a job driving an 18-wheeler in Pennsylvania.

I HAVE SEEN Juan Pablo Montoyas name been abbreviated as the past. Does it now stand for jet propellent?”

It is lucky that no one was killed in this ongoing social experiment, but we should all count our blessings that “diversity” persevered.  Can you imagine what might have happened if they had let the General Lee on the track during the opening ceremonies? I shudder when I think about the possible consequences.- Webmaster

City of Osceola, Missouri Condemns “Jayhawk” Mascott

Recently the City of Osceola, Missouri passed a resolution condemning KU’s “Jayhawk” mascot. The resolution reads as follows:

On this date, the City of Osceola, after hearing all of the evidence, and for good cause shown, finds the following:
That on September 21 – 23, 1861, a group of domestic terrorist, referred to as “the jayhawkers,” sacked the city of Osceola, St. Clair County, Missouri and burned all but four or five of the city’s buildings to the ground.
That on or around that date, twelve citizens of Osceola, St. Clair County, Missouri, were executed by said terrorist group.
That the above-mentioned occurrence eventually led to William Clark Quantrill’s raid on Lawrence, kansas, as Missourians had no choice but to defend themselves from the murderous attacks perpetrated by the jayhawkers, led by Jim Lane and James Montgomery.
That when the University of kansas fielded its football team in 1890, it referred to the team as “the jayhawkers,” an obvious celebration of the above-named terrorist group. This term was eventually shortened to “jayhawks,” a name which has since been officially adopted by the University of kansas as the mascot for all its sports teams.
That the present-day “jayhawks,” kU alumni, citizens of the state of kansas, et al,, have willfully, wantonly and recklessly disregarded the above-mentioned occurrence when discussing the roots of the “Border War” which currently existed between the University of Missouri Tigers and the University of kansas jayhawks.
Whereas, the Civil War Trust, Summer 2011 issue of “Hallowed Ground” published by the National Park Services does hereby acknowledge that partisan forces led by Jim Lane raided and sacked the town of Osceola, Missouri, executing nine men after a hastily arranged court martial.
IT IS THEREFORE RESOLVED that the City of Osceola, Missouri, by and through its citizens, officially CONDEMNS the celebration of this murderous gang of terrorists by an institution of “higher education,” in such a brazen and malicious manner.
IT IS FURTHER RESOLVED that citizens of the City of Osceola, Missouri requests the University of Missouri to educate the above-named Defendants on the FULL historical origins of the “Border War.”
IT IS FURTHER RESOLVED that no citizen of the City of Osceola or the alumni of the University of Missouri shall ever capitalize the “k” in “kansas” or “kU,” as neither is a proper name or a proper place.
Larry Hutsler, Mayor
City Clerk

ESPN network’s Eamonn Brennan covered the story in his September 16th article entitled  “The Dark side of the Jayhawk’s nickname“. Unfortunately the title is about the only thing accurate in this story. For instance, according to Brennan the good folks of kansas (yes I say good sarcastically) state tha“Jayhawk” really isn’t really bad after all…

“Kansas doesn’t necessarily dispute this portion of the mascot’s history, but it asserts the term originated in a variety of ways, not all of them negative. On its “History of the Jayhawk” page, the KU athletics program says the term was originally coined in the late 1840s to describe a “band of pioneers” crossing over from Nebraska. Kansas athletics admits the term was used in the abolitionist conflicts Osceola describes, but notes that it became a patriotic symbol when then-Kansas Governor Charles Robinson raised a regiment called the “Independent Mounted Kansas Jayhawks.” “Rock Chalk Jayhawk” appeared soon thereafter, and in 1890 the name was passed along to Kansas’s first football team”

See , there you go, they were nothing more than a patriotic band of friendly volunteers (according to KU and Brennan). Brennan goes on to state:

Yes, I just spent an entire paragraph summing up the disputed history of the term “Jayhawk.” Why? Because I’m a former history minor who loves these kinds of things. I sure didn’t spend that time typing because we needed a serious summation of both sides’ arguments. I mean, come on. With all due respect to the town of Osceola and what that town’s ancestors went through during the most violent and tumultuous time in America’s history, this happens to be 2011. There’s absolutely nothing offensive about the name “Jayhawk” in 2011. In fact, given the final words of the resolution — which you can view here — I’m not sure Osceola is even taking this all that seriously”

Oh come on Mr. Brennan! Yeah it’s 2011 and the town will never be what it could have been, because of KANSAS JAYHAWKERS! It does matter, the people of Osceola, have a reason to be offended. In 1861 Jim Lane , looted Osceola , not for slavery, not for the Union but for opportunity and financial gain. The University of Kansas has , as its symbol a “Jayhawk”, which does not symbolize a band of friendly pioneers, which isn’t a friendly little blue bird. It’s a symbol of murder and destruction in 2011. Why? For the same reason that the name Jayhawk represented in gain and profit.

I can’t help but wonder if the Jayhawk mascot represented violence against a minority group, oh I don’t know, like maybe African-Americans it would have been plucked long ago. Oh wait, Lane did terrorize African Americans too, a minor of history should know that Mr. Brennan.


Record Attendance at the Eleventh Annual Coffee Camp Heritage Dinner

Paul R. Petersen, Mast Sgt USMC (ret)

The Colonel John T. Coffee Camp #1934, Sons of Confederate Veterans played host to over 230 attendees on April 30th of this year at its eleventh annual heritage dinner, setting a new record for the event.

This year’s guest speaker was retired USMC Master Sergent Paul R Petersen, award winning author of “Quantrill of Missouri”, “Quantrill in Texas” and the newly released “Quantrill at Lawrence”.

Petersen covered a wide variety of topics in his lecture. He is what many consider an expert on Missouri Partisan Ranger, William Quantrill and revealed many previously known facts about the Missouri guerrilla fighter, his tactics and how they affect modern day warfare. A veteran of the Vietnam War, Operation Desert Storm and Operation Iraqi freedom, Petersen emphasized that Quantrill was a legitimate military leader. So much so that his methods of warfare are taught to our military today.

Mr. Petersen emphasized that he has researched over 150 newspapers of the Civil War era relating to Quantrill and that they reveal many facts that previous historians have ignored in their writings, Petersen goes so far as to make the argument that many of the facts of Quantrill’s raid on Lawrence, Ks were deliberately misrepresented. One of those facts is the popular belief that Quantrill burned over 300 buildings on his raid to Lawrence, Petersen noted that City of Lawrence, Ks own visitor’s bureau lists a total of only 85 buildings destroyed during the raid.

“Lawrence , Kansas was a legitimate military target that housed over 1000 Union troops at any given time”, Petersen said.

Also attending the event was a reporter from the Kansas City Star who asked “was the Civil War about slavery or states rights?” at which time Mr. Petersen answered her question by saying, “In many of the pictures of the Union Army , the officers were in the front row, followed by the white enlisted me and behind them, the black enlisted men. Quantrill had a black scout by the name of John Noland, the men in Quantrill’s command referred to  Noland as a man among men and after the war when he died, he had all white pallbearers at his funeral”.

During his speech Petersen also made note that war is an ugly business and that we need to support the men currently fighting for our country, at which time he received a standing ovation.

Mr. Petersens books are published by Pelican and can be found at all major bookstores and on the web.

Kennedy Brothers interviewed by Al Jazeera

Kevin Levin is at it again… this time he has turned his wrath toward the Kennedy Brothers (authors of the best selling book “The South was Right!” Their crime? Apparently being interviewed by Al Jazeera.

Levin writes: 

“his is an interesting little report on the commemorative events surrounding the sesquicentennial of Fort Sumter.  A number of people are interviewed, but what I find so interesting is the difference in tone between NPS interpreter, Michael Allen and the Kennedy brothers (aka the Civil War’s Statler and Waldorf), who identify themselves as “Southern Historians.”  I just love that reference.  It has nothing to do with regional identification because if it did they would have to include hundreds of historians who were all born and raised in the South.  I live in the South.  Am I a Southern Historian in their eyes?  You get my point.  No, that identification marks a certain way of looking at the history of the South and its tone is overly defensive and presentist – a perspective that I suspect does not reflect the views of most white and black southerners.  The language used reflects very little interest in the nineteenth century itself.  Just listen to these two describe the federal government as tariff and money obsessed and intent on going around the world to oppress innocent people at the point of a bloody bayonet.

You certainly leave with a sense of their emotional connection to the issue, but it’s not much of an explanation.

The bigger problem here is that the media’s insistence on interviewing people like the Kennedy brothers reinforces the assumption that this is the Southern view of the war.  They may be entertaining and they may refer to themselves as Southern historians, but they do not speak for the South.”

The Kennedy brothers don’t speak for the South, but Leven thinks HE does?  Hardly.

He was recently interviewed by Patricia Gay, who is a reporter with the Weston Forum  a Connecticut newspaper about the Virginia textbook controversy in regards to its mentioning of Black Confederate soldiers.

In it Levin calls the mention of Black Confederates in the textbooks,  “mindboggling” and “disappointing.”

I think there is the distinct possibility that what Levin finds truly mindboggling and dissappointing is that while he is garnering attention in a small northeastern U.S. newspaper for trying to discredit the textbook company and the Sons of Confederate Veterans, the Kennedy Brothers are garnering world-wide attention by speaking about the real reasons for the War of Northern Aggression and how they can be compared and applied to current events.-Webmaster

April , 2011 Twelfth Star Newsletter

The April , 2011  Twelfth Star newsletter is now posted on the server. Gary has done an excellent job as usual!

Click on the link below to view (in PDF format)

Army of titles finds new niches of Civil War to explore

From the Kansas City Star:

“•Paul Petersen of Raytowngives a new perspective on the Border War in “Quantrill at Lawrence: The Untold Story,” scheduled to be published in April (Pelican; $26.95).

Petersen makes the case that William Quantrill’s raid was not a bloody massacre against innocent citizens. Rather, his attacks affected only strategic military positions in Lawrence and brought Quantrill no monetary gain. According to Petersen, Union propaganda perpetuated the myth of Quantrill’s brutality.

Petersen furthers the controversy by arguing that Jayhawkers — the Kansans, that is — were the ruthless guerrillas, using the false front of patriotism to justify their violence.”

Read more:

Want to know more about “Quantrill of Missouri”? Then don’t miss the Col. John T. Coffee Camp’s 11th annual Heritage Dinner, featuring Paul R. Petersen , award winning author of “Quantrill of Missouri” , “Quantrill in Texas” and the upcoming book “Quantrill in Kansas” The dinner is free but you must RSVP before April 26, 2011. For information about this event and how to RSVP click on the following link:


What’s going on in Dixie April 5, 2011