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Goodbye Bazz

It is with a heavy heart that I have to report the death of Bazz Childress , one of the most beloved activists in the South. From Kirk Lyons at the Southern Legal Resource:

“We are told that Ba…sil Dwayne “Bazz” Childress died at his home earlier tonight. Bazz Ky Division SCV Cdr, and a member of the Bd of Directors of the SLRC, KY Chairman of the League of the South as well as plaintiff in a lawsuit against a Wingate/Wyndham Hotel that had him arrested for having a Confederate flag in his hotel window at the National 2008 SCV Reunion. The case, swinefully and illegally dismissed by a Superior Court “Judge”, was on appeal to the NC Court of Appeals, where Bazz expected to smack the hotel owner again, and make a little law. Bazz was a good friend, far seeing political thinker and Christian gentleman, he will be sorely missed.”

Always dedicated, always in the fight and never backed down. Thank You Bazz for all that you did. Let Bazz be an example to all of us to follow. Special Thanks to PoP Aaron for letting us know of Bazz’s passing.