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The reality of Black Confederates

Black Confederates were real and they fought for their country just as their white counter-parts.

From Southern Heritage News and Views via Facebook

Defending the Heritage

” Attack on Our Soldiers by Armed Negroes ! A member of the Indiana Twentieth Regiment, now encamped near Fortress Monroe, writes to the Indianapolis Journal on the 23rd. Yesterday morning General Mansfield with Drake de Kay, Aide-de-Camp in command of seven companies of the 20th New York, German Riffles, left Newport News on a reconnaissance. Just after passing Newmarket Bridge, seven miles from camp, they detached one company as an advance, and soon after their advance was attacked by 600 of the enemy’s cavalry. The company formed to receive cavalry, but the CAVALRY ADVANCING deployed to the right and left when within musket range and unmasked a body of seven hundred NEGRO INFANTRY, all armed with muskets, who opened fire on our men, wounding two lieutenants and two privates, and rushing forward surrounded the company of Germans who cut their way through killing six of the negroes and wounding several more. The main body, hearing the firing, advanced at a double-quick in time to recover their wounded, and drive the enemy back, but did not succeed in taking any prisoners. The wounded men TESTIFY POSITIVELY that they were shot by Negroes, and that not less than seven hundred were present, armed with muskets. This is, indeed, a new feature in the war. We have heard of a regiment of Negroes at Manassas, and another at Memphis, and still another at New Orleans but did not believe it till it came so near home, and attacked our men. THERE IS NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT. The 20th German were actually attacked and fired on and wounded by Negroes. It is time that this thing was understood, and if they fight us with Negroes, why should not we fight them with Negroes too? We have disbelieved these reports too long, and now let us fight the devil with fire. The feeling is intense among the men. They want to know if they came here to fight Negroes, and if they did, they would like to know it. The wounded men swear they will kill any Negro they see, so excited are they at the dastardly act. It remains to be seen how long the Government will now hesitate, when they learn these facts. One of the Lieutenants was shot in the back part of the neck, and is not expected to live.”
Sandusky Ohio Register December 31, 1861 Above From: Indianapolis Journal December 23, 1861

Lincolnites and Black Confederates

Kevin Levin a "historian" who is embraced by the mainstream for his denigration of Black Confederates.

Historian Kevin Levin has made into the very distinguished ‘The Atlantic’ magazine. The subject? Black Confederates of course. Or should I say the denigration of African-Americans contributions to the Confederacy?

The mere title is condescending. Levin writes: “More representative of the experience of “Confederate slaves” were those impressed by individual states and the Confederate government for various war-related projects such as the building of fortifications and roads.  In fact, as the number of body servants dropped, the number of impressed slaves continued to rise as a result of legislation on the state and federal levels.  Yet, the SCV/UDC have little to say about these men.Of course, it is not difficult to surmise as to why.  The first problem is that most people are not even aware that tens of thousands of slaves were impressed during the war.  It’s a measure of where we are in terms of our popular understanding of how African-Americans experienced the war. What is important to keep in mind, however, is that there is no difference between the legal statusof body servants and those who were impressed.  They were all legally owned.”

The real reason “Lincolnites” like Levin must belittle the contribution of African-Americans in the Confederacy is because in order to maintain the “myth” of Honest Abe the Emancipator the war has to be about slavery.  African-American Confederate Veterans can not be given the respect they deserve because if they are, people will question the real reasons for the war. Taxation, states rights, constitutionalists versus those who favored giving more power to a central government these were the reasons for the war then and they are reasons for the ongoing political fight in this country now.

Yes, African-Americans were impressed for service into the Confederacy just as they were “liberated” and given the opportunity to “fight for their freedom” by the Federal Government of the North. Just as both White and Black men were “drafted” into the service up to and through the Vietnam Conflict. Does this mean that any soldier impressed into service should not be honored for their service? Of course not.

Lincolnites like Kevin Levin deliberately , conveniently do not mention men like John Noland, Henry Wilson and John Lobb. All three of these men were from Missouri, fought with William Quantrill and were black.

In the book “Quantrill at Lawrence” author Paul R. Petersen gives a detailed account of the contribution of these Black Confederates.

Of Noland, Petersen writes that John T. Noland was entrusted by Quantrill to scout the town of Lawrence , Kansas before his August, 1863 raid on the town and that “John T. Noland was born in 1844. He was one of several black men who served under Quantrill . Noland showed himself a brave soldier by his conspicuous actions during the first battle of Independence and the battle of Lamar. At Noland’s  funeral all of his pallbearers were white. He was described as “a man among men”. His gravestone in Woodlawn Cemetery in Independence {Missouri} denotes his service with Quantrill as a scout”

Noland  later recounted that: ” I being a colored man I had the advantage of any white man as a spy… t was then the Col. {Quantrill} sent for me to meet him on the Little Blue River, and it was there that I received my final instruction, which was to find out the number of soldiers quartered in Lawrence, and if there were any in the vicinity”

Petersen’s book also gives great information for anyone wishing to set the record straight as to the practice of being “impressed” into service writing of Henry Wilson , Petersen notes that: “Wilson was kidnapped by Jayhawkers early in the war and was on his way to Kansas when he escaped. Wilson who lived near Independence chose to remain in Quantrill”s band rather than accept his freedom. He told those around him, ‘ I observed with my own eyes , the stealing, plundering and burning of homes of the people of this country by bands of ‘Red Legs’ even to the enticing of slaves into Kansas. I joined Quantrill when Master Wilson moved to Texas to run the blockade at Independence, carrying supplies to Quantrill and his men”.

Of Lobb, Petersen writes that: “John Lobb was also sent into Lawrence, but William Gregg remembered, “Lobb did not get back before we had started. He met us on the way and told us that Lane had left town”.

There you have it. Three men. Three Black men who fought for the Confederacy under Quantrill. All three entrusted to scout the town of Lawrence, Kansas prior to the great raid at great personal risk to themselves.  All three men, who voluntarily fought for the Missouri guerrilla fighter.

It is quite the story. A story that Lincolnites like Kevin Levin do not want others to hear because it raises questions as to the real reasons of the war  and exposes the myth of Lincoln being the “Great Emancipator”.

– Clint E. Lacy

Serves as the Press Officer for the Colonel John T. Coffee Camp #1934, Missouri Division, Sons of Confederate Veterans.

Kennedy Brothers interviewed by Al Jazeera

Kevin Levin is at it again… this time he has turned his wrath toward the Kennedy Brothers (authors of the best selling book “The South was Right!” Their crime? Apparently being interviewed by Al Jazeera.

Levin writes: 

“his is an interesting little report on the commemorative events surrounding the sesquicentennial of Fort Sumter.  A number of people are interviewed, but what I find so interesting is the difference in tone between NPS interpreter, Michael Allen and the Kennedy brothers (aka the Civil War’s Statler and Waldorf), who identify themselves as “Southern Historians.”  I just love that reference.  It has nothing to do with regional identification because if it did they would have to include hundreds of historians who were all born and raised in the South.  I live in the South.  Am I a Southern Historian in their eyes?  You get my point.  No, that identification marks a certain way of looking at the history of the South and its tone is overly defensive and presentist – a perspective that I suspect does not reflect the views of most white and black southerners.  The language used reflects very little interest in the nineteenth century itself.  Just listen to these two describe the federal government as tariff and money obsessed and intent on going around the world to oppress innocent people at the point of a bloody bayonet.

You certainly leave with a sense of their emotional connection to the issue, but it’s not much of an explanation.

The bigger problem here is that the media’s insistence on interviewing people like the Kennedy brothers reinforces the assumption that this is the Southern view of the war.  They may be entertaining and they may refer to themselves as Southern historians, but they do not speak for the South.”

The Kennedy brothers don’t speak for the South, but Leven thinks HE does?  Hardly.

He was recently interviewed by Patricia Gay, who is a reporter with the Weston Forum  a Connecticut newspaper about the Virginia textbook controversy in regards to its mentioning of Black Confederate soldiers.

In it Levin calls the mention of Black Confederates in the textbooks,  “mindboggling” and “disappointing.”

I think there is the distinct possibility that what Levin finds truly mindboggling and dissappointing is that while he is garnering attention in a small northeastern U.S. newspaper for trying to discredit the textbook company and the Sons of Confederate Veterans, the Kennedy Brothers are garnering world-wide attention by speaking about the real reasons for the War of Northern Aggression and how they can be compared and applied to current events.-Webmaster

Teachers Unions Don’t Wear Sheets

It seems alot of leftist out there are obsessed with the coming Civil War sequicentenniel and whether or not black Southerners served in the Confederate Army.  Although there are some really good public school teachers out there the sad reality is that alot of the attacks against Southern history are coming from far-left public school teachers such as Kevin Levin who publishes the Civil War Memory Blog and Corey Meyer a public school teacher who hails from the Land of Lincoln.

It has often been said that when it comes to the Civil War (i.e. War of Northern Aggression, War for Southern Independence) that the South might have lost the war, but won the peace. This is something that hasn’t set well in the mind of the Yankee intellectual.

The Yankee intellectual mind knows that in order to ensure that Lincoln worship continues for another 150 years, the myth of the “Great Emancipator” must be promulgated. Here lies their problem with the idea that Black Southerners served in the Confederate ranks.

The fact that they did makes people ask why they did.  It is a rather simple answer, whether free or slave, the South was still their country and they wanted to defend it just like any other Southerner.

The latest attack comes from Corey Meyer who publishes The Blood of My Kindred blog. It seems that he is having trouble accepting that Dixie Outfitters has come out with a line of t-shirts that honor modern day activist H.K. Edgerton and black Confederates.

 Writes Meyer:

“It appears that old H. K. Edgerton has gotten himself a tee-shirt or two over at Dixie Outfitters.  I recently stubbled on the picture over at Facebook’s Southern Heritage Preservation Group.  I cannot begin to count how wrong this is…so I won’t”

How wrong is it Mr. Meyer?  Is it wrong that an intelligent black Southern man chooses to research his heritage and celebrate it?

I have met Mr. Edgerton. I have shared the stage with him. I have heard him speak and it is very moving. He speaks with passion, of pride and of his own free will.

Mr. Edgerton also loves to educate the children (both black and white equally) and affectionately refers to them as “his babies”

The problem this shirt presents to men like Meyer is that it portrays Mr. Edgerton and black Confederate soldiers as proud Southerners and makes people question the real motives behind “Mr. Lincoln’s War”

I think men like Meyer would be much more comfortable if Mr. Edgerton and black Confederates looked more like a ragged share-cropper,  thanking kind ole “Massa Lincoln” for saving them from their evil Southern masters.      

Give me a break! These people believe we as Southerners should seek their permission and ask them how to honor OUR heritage?  They portray us as racist , but if they were really   honest with themselves they would realize just how much of a racist agenda they are promoting, just to keep the Lincoln myth alive.

I personally have realized that the only difference between teachers who bring forth  their own agenda and the Klan is that teacher’s union members don’t wear sheets.-Webmaster