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12th Annual Coffee Camp Tour & Heritage Dinner

Don’t miss the 12 Annual Coffee Camp Historical Tour and Heritage Dinner April 21, 2012 in Osceola , Missouri. This year’s keynote speaker will be Donnie Kennedy co-author of the best selling book ” The South was Right”.

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12th Annual Confederate Heritage Dinner rev.

Record Attendance at the Eleventh Annual Coffee Camp Heritage Dinner

Paul R. Petersen, Mast Sgt USMC (ret)

The Colonel John T. Coffee Camp #1934, Sons of Confederate Veterans played host to over 230 attendees on April 30th of this year at its eleventh annual heritage dinner, setting a new record for the event.

This year’s guest speaker was retired USMC Master Sergent Paul R Petersen, award winning author of “Quantrill of Missouri”, “Quantrill in Texas” and the newly released “Quantrill at Lawrence”.

Petersen covered a wide variety of topics in his lecture. He is what many consider an expert on Missouri Partisan Ranger, William Quantrill and revealed many previously known facts about the Missouri guerrilla fighter, his tactics and how they affect modern day warfare. A veteran of the Vietnam War, Operation Desert Storm and Operation Iraqi freedom, Petersen emphasized that Quantrill was a legitimate military leader. So much so that his methods of warfare are taught to our military today.

Mr. Petersen emphasized that he has researched over 150 newspapers of the Civil War era relating to Quantrill and that they reveal many facts that previous historians have ignored in their writings, Petersen goes so far as to make the argument that many of the facts of Quantrill’s raid on Lawrence, Ks were deliberately misrepresented. One of those facts is the popular belief that Quantrill burned over 300 buildings on his raid to Lawrence, Petersen noted that City of Lawrence, Ks own visitor’s bureau lists a total of only 85 buildings destroyed during the raid.

“Lawrence , Kansas was a legitimate military target that housed over 1000 Union troops at any given time”, Petersen said.

Also attending the event was a reporter from the Kansas City Star who asked “was the Civil War about slavery or states rights?” at which time Mr. Petersen answered her question by saying, “In many of the pictures of the Union Army , the officers were in the front row, followed by the white enlisted me and behind them, the black enlisted men. Quantrill had a black scout by the name of John Noland, the men in Quantrill’s command referred to  Noland as a man among men and after the war when he died, he had all white pallbearers at his funeral”.

During his speech Petersen also made note that war is an ugly business and that we need to support the men currently fighting for our country, at which time he received a standing ovation.

Mr. Petersens books are published by Pelican and can be found at all major bookstores and on the web.

Press Release: Petersen to be Guest Speaker at 11’th Annual Heritage Dinner


 Colonel John T. Coffee Camp #1934

Missouri Sons of Confederate Veterans

Osceola, Mo.

For Immediate Release

Contact: Clint E. Lacy

Email: clintlacy2@yahoo.com  


Featuring Guest Speaker Paul R. Pertersen 

The Colonel John T. Coffee Camp #1934 will be holding its eleventh annual Confederate Heritage Dinner on April 30, 2011.  We are pleased to announce that this year’s guest speaker will be Master Sgt. Paul R. Petersen. Paul R. Petersen is an award-winning author and educator who lectures on the Missouri-Kansas Border War. He is a member of the William Clarke Quantrill Society, the National James-Younger Gang Association, and the Sons of the American Revolution. A highly decorated retired master sergeant with the United States Marine Corps, Petersen is an infantry combat veteran of Vietnam, Desert Storm and Iraqi Freedom. His combat experience brings insight into the character of William Clarke Quantrill, the man who was responsible for developing modern guerrilla warfare. Author of three books, Quantrill of Missouri, Quantrill in Texas and Quantrill at Lawrence, Petersen’s insights brings complex patterns of events into clear focus, identifies the personalities involved along the border and quotes memorably from firsthand accounts giving a clear understanding of the temper of the times. Quantrill at Lawrence is the only account explaining the causes, reasoning and justification for the 1863 Lawrence raid. It is the first time a complete story has been written using accounts by both the victims and the raiders. Researched facts that earlier historians have intentionally omitted have been included. Quantrill of Missouri received the distinguished Perry Award for Best Book in 2004 and Quantrill in Texas received the 2009 Milton F. Perry Best Non-Fiction Award. 

The event (which includes dinner) is free to the public . Fellowship will be from 5:00-6:00pm , meal will be served at 6:00 with Mr. Petersen speaking at 7:00 pm.  All interested parties must RSVP (no later than April 26). 

For more information contact Gary Ayres at: 417-754-8397 , by email at: garyayres@centurytel.net  or by  mail at:

Gary Ayres, 3615 S. 70th Rd., Humansville, MO   65674.

Heritage Dinner to Feature Pastor Charles Jennings


The Coffee Camp is proud to bring you our Guest speaker, Pastor Charles Jennings. Pastor Jennings was raised in south Florida with a rich spiritual legacy of traditional Pentecostal
heritage and ancestry. He has served as Pastor, Evangelist and Bible Teacher. He was married to Marylee in 1966 and they have one son.

He has several ancestors who were Confederate Veterans and one was captured, processed
through Point Lookout and sent to Federal Prison and later died at Elmira, New York. Pastor Jennings has written many articles about the War of Northern Aggression. He has also authored several books. One of them is entitled, “Cultures in Conflict-the Union Desecration of
Southern Churches and Cemeteries.”

The most well known book is “The Book of Revelation from an Israelite and Historicist Interpretation”.

Pastor Jennings is the founder of Truth in History Ministries and Editor of “Truth in History
Magazine”.  He is a member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans and Point Lookout Prisoners of War Organization.

Please come and listen to Pastor Jennings speak on “The Spiritual Revival in the Confederate Army”. This is not a sermon so don’t expect that. This will be a hard hitting program that will set the records straight as to what the Federals felt toward the Southern people and of Missouri citizens.

Col. John T. Coffee Camp, Inc. will offer the following for raffle:
$1.00 per ticket or $5.00 for 6 tickets and so on…

First Prize will be $500.00 Cash
Second Prize will be a framed picture of Elm Springs. It is a signed and numbered printer’s
proof, valued at $250.00.

You do not have to be present for the raffle! We will also have items for silent auction and
maybe a real auction for some items.

As always there will be many door prizes.

Why not plan to make an evening for dinner, fellowship and a great program, and get in
on the chance at $500.00 cash.

To get tickets for the prizes, you can contact John T. Coffee Camp, Inc Officers:

Gary Ayres Jared Lawler Harold Simmons George Eberhardt Willie Lawler
417-754-8397 660-447-3449 417-637-2068 417-646-8907 660-477-3683

Bolivar, MO is located on highway 13 about 45 miles south of Osceola, MO. All the motels are
on Hiway 13.

Comfort Inn
2451 Tower Drive, Bolivar, MO


Super 8
1919 Wommack Road, Bolivar, MO


Country Inns
1819 S. Killingsworth Ave, Bolivar, MO

Speedway Inn
4710 S. 128th Rd., Bolivar, MO

Clinton, MO is located on highway 13 about 20 miles north of Osceola, MO. All motels are on
Hiway 13.

Best Western Colonial Motel, S. Clinton, MO


Hampton Inn, S. Clinton, MO


Parkfield Inn, S. Clinton, MO


USA Inn, N. Clinton, MO


Safari Motel, N. Clinton, MO

Sportsman Lodge, N. Clinton, MO


(please be patient as the flyer is in pdf format) 


December Newsletter is now up on the server

First of all, many apologies to my compatriots. Our commander has given me the newsletter quite some time, but I have had my plate full lately to say the least. With that being said you can visit the Colonel John T. Coffee Camp #1934 website and click on “Newsletter” from the menu on the left side of the screen to view it. Again, many apologies for not posting this in a more timely manner-Webmaster

Jewish Confederates…


In March 2007 Colonel John T. Coffee Camp #1934, Sons of Confederate Veterans Commander Gary Ayres had the honor of getting an article he had authored about Jewish Confederates published in ‘Jewish Magazine’ (which we have posted on our “Library” page at http://www.coffeecamp.net/jewish_confederates ).

Recently Mr. Ayres received an email from one of the editors at “Jewish Magazine” which stated that one reader had several objections to his article.

The “offended” , one Charles “Chuck” Hirshberg recently complained to Jewish Magazine that:

Dear “Jewish Magazine”:
Some three weeks ago, I wrote to you expressing my deep concern over an article of yours titled  “Jewish Confederates”. I believe that my email  (copied below) demonstrated beyond any reasonable doubt that the article is both historically ridiculous, and patently racist. At the very least, I would have expected to receive  an email in return acknowledging my communication. But I  have heard nothing at all from you, and the article is still  posted. 
May I please request the courtesy of a  reply?

Very truly yours, 
Charles Hirshberg

Cambridge, Massachusetts

Commander Ayer’s exercised great restraint and exhibited much professionalism in his reply to Mr. Hirshberg, which Jewish Magazine forwarded to him. Below is his response:

Dear Sir,
I am glad you read “Jewish Confederates”.  I have received many emails saying thank you for publishing this article.  Many from Israel, which I was pleasantly pleased and surprised.
I do my best not to go name calling.  I was raised this was against God’s law.
But to some sort of answer to you I am not a racist or bigot, but that is between me and God and the actions I have demonstrated here on earth.
If you will please research the “notes” at the end of my article I believe you will find sufficient information to confirm my research.  Yes there was much more but I just used those few notes for folks to look at.
You say that my article is “both historically ridiculous, and patently racist”.  I must disagree with you and the information for my findings (if you research deep enough) show in my favour. 
If you research not only  official records but private letters you should see the sentiments of the Southern people.
Please research the two-volume “Abraham Lincoln’s Complete Works” and study the Emancipation Proclamation before you say that my article was an “ignorant, racist article”.
But to bring to light two issues that show your error is that the Union did not pay the black soldiers the same as the white soldiers.  Others were in the same situation but mostly the blacks.  The Confederates paid the blacks the same pay as the whites.  In fact they paid everyone regardless of race or religious beliefs the same. 
The Confederate also mixed the races and religious beliefs into the same units.  This is something the Union failed to do also.
It was not until well into the 1900’s, namely WW ll that the US put blacks with whites as a whole.
Please read and understand and then go to the notes and do some research before you call someone names of negativism.
I want to thank the Jewish Magazine because many people have responded favourably.
Sir, this article was written from reliable research.  If you disagree that is fine but don’t blame me for bringing to light some history that has not been talked about.
Thank You,
Gary Ayres
I did a little research and this is what I have found out about Mr. Hirshberg , (according to Wikipedia.com):

“Charles “Chuck” Hirshberg is an American journalist and sportswriter. He primarily writes for large-circulation magazines. His articles and columns have appeared in Time, Sports Illustrated, Life, the Los Angeles Times, the Washington Post, Men’s Health and other publications. As of 2002, he was an editor of Popular Science. His mother is the astrophysicist Joan Feynman and his late uncle is Richard Feynman, Nobel Prize winning Physicist.

He is the author of ESPN 25, a history of sports journalism on television. Hirshberg co-authored Will you miss me when I’m gone?:the Carter Family and their legacy in American music along with Mark Zwonitzer. Recently, he penned an article promoting circumcision entitled Should all males be circumcised?[1] for Men’s Health which was later picked up by MSNBC.[2]”

It seems to this webmaster that Mr. Hirshberg is most famous for writing an article about whether or not men should be circumcised. My advice to him is that it is good to know your subject matter, but bad to act like it. Mr. Hirshberg will probably  be most happy to learn that as of the time of this posting, Jewish Magazine still has Mr. Ayres’ article up on their website.