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Missouri U.S. Representative Votes on CISPA

From Infowars.com

“Once again, Congress has ignored the will of the people.

For weeks it has been obvious that millions of Americans are steadfastly opposed to CISPA, the so-called cybersecurity legislation passed by the House last night that will allow the government to surveil Americans and deny them Fourth Amendment protection while on the internet.

Congressional leaders and members have come up with all kinds of lame excuses in order to push the bill through, including the absurd claim made by the House Majority leader that CISPA will create jobs.”

Below is the record of how Missouri’s U.S.  Representatives voted on this latest attempt by the government to take over the internet and kill the last vestige of free speech left in America.

No                                                                  D Clay, William                                             MO   1st                     0.214733776422
No                                                                  R Akin, Todd                                             MO   2nd                     0.899384492082
No                                                                  D Carnahan, Russ                                             MO   3rd                     0.332123268781
Aye                                                                  R Hartzler, Vicky                                             MO   4th                     0.680701281816
No                                                                  D Cleaver, Emanuel                                             MO   5th                     0.232046170913
Aye                                                                  R Graves, Samuel “Sam” MO   6th                     0.734983521295
Aye                                                                  R Long, Billy                                             MO   7th                     0.701760364477
No                                                                  R Emerson, Jo Ann                                             MO   8th                     0.60801430261
Aye                                                                  R Luetkemeyer, Blaine                                             MO   9th