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Kennedy Brothers interviewed by Al Jazeera

Kevin Levin is at it again… this time he has turned his wrath toward the Kennedy Brothers (authors of the best selling book “The South was Right!” Their crime? Apparently being interviewed by Al Jazeera.

Levin writes: 

“his is an interesting little report on the commemorative events surrounding the sesquicentennial of Fort Sumter.  A number of people are interviewed, but what I find so interesting is the difference in tone between NPS interpreter, Michael Allen and the Kennedy brothers (aka the Civil War’s Statler and Waldorf), who identify themselves as “Southern Historians.”  I just love that reference.  It has nothing to do with regional identification because if it did they would have to include hundreds of historians who were all born and raised in the South.  I live in the South.  Am I a Southern Historian in their eyes?  You get my point.  No, that identification marks a certain way of looking at the history of the South and its tone is overly defensive and presentist – a perspective that I suspect does not reflect the views of most white and black southerners.  The language used reflects very little interest in the nineteenth century itself.  Just listen to these two describe the federal government as tariff and money obsessed and intent on going around the world to oppress innocent people at the point of a bloody bayonet.

You certainly leave with a sense of their emotional connection to the issue, but it’s not much of an explanation.

The bigger problem here is that the media’s insistence on interviewing people like the Kennedy brothers reinforces the assumption that this is the Southern view of the war.  They may be entertaining and they may refer to themselves as Southern historians, but they do not speak for the South.”

The Kennedy brothers don’t speak for the South, but Leven thinks HE does?  Hardly.

He was recently interviewed by Patricia Gay, who is a reporter with the Weston Forum  a Connecticut newspaper about the Virginia textbook controversy in regards to its mentioning of Black Confederate soldiers.

In it Levin calls the mention of Black Confederates in the textbooks,  “mindboggling” and “disappointing.”

I think there is the distinct possibility that what Levin finds truly mindboggling and dissappointing is that while he is garnering attention in a small northeastern U.S. newspaper for trying to discredit the textbook company and the Sons of Confederate Veterans, the Kennedy Brothers are garnering world-wide attention by speaking about the real reasons for the War of Northern Aggression and how they can be compared and applied to current events.-Webmaster